The serpents seed capitol of Norway..shocking statues


anyone on the blog been there?

they seem to be snakes of some sort or lizards without arms or legs..eating humans and god knows whatever else..the creator of the nobel peace prize..enough said eh?

nice obelisk as well..the reptile thing also looks a lot like an ouroborous..

but we are the crazies..dont you forget that now.. 🙂


~ by seeker401 on January 14, 2012.

17 Responses to “The serpents seed capitol of Norway..shocking statues”

  1. David Icke’s reptilians controlling and feeding off the human race. Probably where he got the idea.

  2. I have good friends in Oslo and visit them from time to time. so of course I was in this park as well a few years ago. But I must admit I only can remember the naked statues and the obelisk but not the reptilians. Don’t know why I forgot about that….
    It’s a public park and very famous there. All the tourists go to see it. The naked statues are not shocking or the like because one knows that norweagans are very open 🙂

    Probably I’ll go to meet them this spring to help celebrate her birthday. But not sure if I can make it, as i’m pretty buzy these days. If possible I would try to have a closer look at the park.

  3. The fallen angel from heaven landed at El Retiro

    It is the only statue in the world dedicated to the devil and is in the Parque de El Retiro. The Fallen Angel was erected in 1874 on the initiative of the Duke Fernan Nunez

    Maybe you found when you saw the day of the beast, the film in which Santiago Segura and Alex Angulo relentlessly pursued the Antichrist. Or perhaps unknowingly follow, because even you have never noticed it. The fact is that this source, located in the heart of Parque de El Retiro, is much more than the beautiful image of a winged young Herculean. It is, nothing more and nothing less than the world’s only statue erected in honor of the devil.

    The Fallen Angel was erected in 1874. The curious, yet creepy, initiative was the Duke of Fernan Nunez, whose name was later christened the beautiful avenue where is this original source.

    Deaf to the protests of Madrid society of the time, I was shocked at the idea of ​​erecting a monument to Satan, the bold Duke donated the amount of 11,000 hard to carry out the project. Maneuvers are useless for the most reluctant to fruition. Only a few months later, on 23 October that year, the statue of the Fallen Angel was inaugurated.

    The artistic ensemble, which is a must for every tourist who passes through the capital of Spain, took its name from a sculpture depicting the fall of Lucifer. Its author, Ricardo Bellver, was awarded for the same work at the National Exhibition of 1878.

  4. It is interesting that the nazis just ignored Vigeland while he was building it.

  5. maybe relate to the 13tribe dan

  6. More clear pictures :

    This is so scary ,how come people enjoy going to this park!!!

  7. I understand the comments akin to Biblical tones and the infamous character in the Garden if Eden, fallen evil angels etc. and “David Icke’s reptilians controlling and feeding off the human race. Probably where he got the idea,” seems most probable. On a lighter side, these do not seem like your average garden variety snakes, but are more akin to the reptilian sea mosnsters in which the Norseman and Vikings would be more familiar.

    More snakes in Norway

    • following so closely after this, one begins to wonder

      • “The discussions involved a broad range of security related topics including a presentation on Norway’s response to the July 22 attacks. The Secretary also met with representatives of the Norwegian Computer Emergency Response Team (NorCERT ), and division within the Norwegian National Security Authority to discuss their work in preventing and responding to IT security breaches aimed at vital infrastructure in Norway.”

    • they dont like norway very much from the video..

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