Fuck You SOPA!


i have nothing to say..the man in the video says it all for me..and they will attempt to extradite you..nowhere in the world is safe..

the land of the free..pffft..

staggering hypocrisy..


~ by seeker401 on January 18, 2012.

32 Responses to “Fuck You SOPA!”

  1. http://www.projectworldawareness.com ;))


  2. LOL freakin’ morons!!

    What a great way to launder money to the government/corporations, by fines…and this video will turn the tables and those same companies SHAREHOLDERS will pay, with their dividends and stock debasement. FREAKING CRIMINALS and the Department of Justice probably HELPED them set this scam up! Traitors. Have we had enough yet?

    • Lived thru all those download program’s and used them and always wondered wtf. How come if it was “wrong” was I able to download the software so easy.

  3. thx Seek 🙂

  4. […] https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/fuck-you-sopa/ […]

  5. […] https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/fuck-you-sopa/ […]

  6. https://freenetproject.org/

    software for getting on the dark net. Just in case sopa passes. From what I understand this is trusted open source software.

    • thankyou hartrw..btw..who do you think will get the GOP nomination?

      • I’m sure hoping Ron Paul gets it as I’ve been contributing to his campaign…but likely it’ll end up being Romney. The president is becoming more and more irrelevant these days though.

        • in sept 2011 perry was kicking everyones ass..one mistake and hes down to one digit figures..its a rollercoaster..i think it still has a bump left in it 🙂

  7. I don’t support SOPA or any other draconian patent-copyright protection: violation of copyright ought to carry much more moderate penalties in the cases of individual theft. I believe artistic patents ought to last somewhere between 5 and 10 years and then the art become public domain, as all art proceeds from past art. I do agree the filesharing technology was introduced as a form on entrapment and to benefit the authorities both financially and in their desire to control others. I reject this also.
    But neither do I support theft. File-sharing of copyrighted material is theft. Artists make their living from their creations; if one wants to enjoy those creations one ought to pay. If one cannot afford the price, then one finds an alternative that one can afford or one does without. No one requires illegal downloads of copyrighted material for one’s well-being. Everyone has their own mind that can create their own art.
    A generation ago one had only recordings and the radio. A few more generations ago, one had live performance only. And all those people survived. That technology exists that makes one aware of the multitude of talent in this world ought not to make one so greedy that one insists it must be free for the taking.

    • the entrapment is the damning part though nom..they cant do that and then want to close it all down..and imo music companies have ripped us off for years..$25 for a CD..wtf..they make them for 50cents probably..and to break it down to its base..all music is a copy of what has come before anyway..so in effect who do THEY pay copyright to?..elvis and the beatles? 😉

  8. While much of what you state makes common sense, the other side of the coin is that the movie industry, for one, benefits extremely by taxpayer grants/credits/dollars. Much of what they produce is propaganda for the mind, per tptb. This law is not about the little artist and his creation, this is another scam perpetrated by those who profit and legislated by our government to help enrich them, via fines and penalties and debasement of the shareholders stock! Our Presidents and Our Congress allow Our Military to TRANSFER TECHNOLOGY to whomever THEY choose, for profit for the bankers and their globalist corporations and Rome.

    • I have said I don’t support SOPA, I agree this particular law is not about the little person, nevertheless the little person does need protection from theft. I am one of them and I know!

    • I have been thinking about your comment, not trying to bombard you with a bazillion replies 🙂
      People with children get child tax credits: this has not given me the right to steal their kids’ lunch money. I have the right, inadequate though it is, to protest the misuse of my tax dollars by voting in others more amenable to my wishes or finally by revolution.
      It is immaterial that movie producers produce mind numbing propaganda: it is their mind numbing propaganda. And if it is mind numbing propaganda why does anyone want to steal it for private use or disseminate it ? Either it has value and its creator’s rights are worth protecting or it has no value and no one need steal it.
      As for the poor stockholders I don’t believe stock ought to be legal so I am fresh out of sympathy there, lol.

      • I get ya NomNomNom, but my point is this…..they aren’t doing this for any other reason other than money!!

        It’s all theater, and unfortunately we are just the ‘played’.

        These people have never payed for anything themselves, we always pay, and we always ‘fund’ everything they use, or steal. Without the people of the world, they couldn’t wipe their own arses.

        One more thing, ‘those poor stockholders’ are the people…who no longer get pensions, it’s their packaged, 401k’s that are being ‘raided’. Sympathy or not, the elite always know when to get out the market, it is controlled speculation, it’s the poor working sucker whose future is tied up and unable to get out, so long as they need their jobs.

        SOPA was always meant to be ‘tabled’, PIPA will probably be worse for the people, but they will ‘sneak’ that in when we’re aren’t looking.

  9. besides all the media hoopla for a bill that has been temporarily tabled is to cover for the raiding of the federal workers’ pension fund today. just sayin.

    • link http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/17/us-usa-debt-treasury-idUSTRE80G20R20120117

      • “The Treasury on Tuesday started dipping into federal pension funds in order to give the Obama administration more credit to pay government bills.

        “I will be unable to invest fully” the federal employees retirement system fund beginning Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said in a letter to Democratic and Republican leaders in Congress.

        The House of Representatives is expected to vote on Wednesday on the Obama administration’s request to raise the country’s legal debt limit to $16.394 trillion.

        However, unless the lower chamber and the Senate are able to shore up enough votes to block the White House request, the debt limit will be increased by $1.2 trillion next Friday and a repeat of last year’s debt ceiling debacle will be averted.

        Geithner said Treasury started suspending reinvestments in a federal pension fund known as the G-Fund — a tool Treasury has had to employ six times over the past 20 years in order to keep the country below the statutory debt limit.

        The Treasury Department has already tapped another seldom-used fund in order to allow the government to continue borrowing without running afoul of the country’s laws.”

        great catch nom..whilst we were looking away they came and took it..the distraction

      • why should govt imps be exempt from being robbed like the rest of us…i freaking love it!… let’s see if they have the balls to bite the hand that feeds them our money…

        to all govt emps…how’s that equal outcome working for you now!

  10. Lawmakers Examine the Impact of the “Volcker Rule” on Trading by Banks

    January 18, 2012

    Finance agency representatives will testify before the joint session about the timing of the Volcker rule. The witnesses will be questioned on their particular agency’s progress to meet deadlines as outlined by the Volker Rule along with possible implications once the rule goes into effect.

    Witnessed will include Federal Reserve Governor Daniel Tarullo, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Schapiro along with top officials from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. A second panel will hear from financial policy experts and academics.

    we aren’t supposed to be watching that, or the Mayor’s Conference….we’re supposed to be watching the phony SOPA protest.

  11. looks like google had a lot to gain from copyright infringement OR do the people have a lot to lose – books. Why do I feel like this isn’t just going to be about movies, and Alfred Hitchcock’s the birds, but perhaps important historical books written by those who have experienced the ‘truth’ of war, corruption, slavery, etc.

    The U.S. Supreme Court (1000L) upheld a federal law that gave copyright protection to millions of foreign-produced books, movies and musical pieces and may undermine Google Inc. (GOOG)’s effort to create an online library.

    Today’s 6-2 ruling backs a law that took works by Alfred Hitchcock, Pablo Picasso, Igor Stravinsky and J.R.R. Tolkien out of the public domain, barring use without permission of the copyright owner. The decision is a victory for the film and music industries and a setback for Google, which had said it would lose access to many of the 15 million books it wants to make available online.


  12. one more story
    Supreme Court Says Congress May Re-Copyright Public Domain Works
    January 18, 2012

    Congress may take books, musical compositions and other works out of the public domain, where they can be freely used and adapted, and grant them copyright status again, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

    Those opposed, claimed that re-copyrighting public works would breach the speech rights of those who are now using those works without needing a license. There are millions of decades-old works at issue. Some of the well-known ones include H.G. Wells’ Things to Come; Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and the musical compositions of Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky.

    For a variety of reasons, the works at issue, which are foreign and produced decades ago, became part of the public domain in the United States but were still copyrighted overseas. In 1994, Congress adopted legislation to move the works back into copyright, so U.S. policy would comport with an international copyright treaty known as the Berne Convention.


  13. is the 19 on the blog so blackout over
    here first the goods news
    WE have the power here

    Second artist don’t make much when get sign if the don’t make big many drop or are drop out of labels so the price that we paid is for the companies not to the artist

    this bill imho is at big bro carbon copy lol for the analogy
    is the access to stop the PLP for what ever reason ‘they’ want is at blank check for that for ‘they’

  14. LOL

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