Zetas are Mexico’s “largest drug gang” study says..who gave them the guns?


The Zetas cartel has become the biggest drug gang in Mexico, overtaking its bitter rival, the Sinaloa cartel, a new report suggests.

The report by US security firm Stratfor says the Zetas now operate in more than half of all Mexican states.

Stratfor says the Zetas’ brutal violence seems to have given the gang an advantage over the Sinaloa cartel, which prefers to bribe people.

Since 2007, 47,500 people have died in drug-related violence in Mexico.

The report says that drug-related violence in Mexico has persisted, despite the government’s efforts to fight the cartels.

According to the study, most smaller drug gangs have been subsumed by either the Zetas or the Sinaloa cartel, turning the two groups into the predominant criminal forces in Mexico.

The Zetas control much of eastern Mexico, while the Sinaloa cartel has its stronghold in the west of the country.

The authors also point out their differences in strategy.

They say that the Zetas whose leadership is composed of ex-special operations soldiers, resort to extreme violence.

The Sinaloa cartel, although also ruthless, prefers to bribe and corrupt people, as well as providing intelligence on rivals to the authorities.


note “since 2007”..that would be when the guns started arriving..via the USA..


~ by seeker401 on January 30, 2012.

13 Responses to “Zetas are Mexico’s “largest drug gang” study says..who gave them the guns?”

  1. “Fast and furious” was in place to arm and expand Zetas to scare mexican people in to accepting military on the streets “to take care of the problem” or similar scenario OR as a case to make more mexican migrants flow to the USA, correct me if I’m mistaken 🙂

  2. Do the cartels outmumber the Mexican army or is the army corrupted. I don’t understand why the Mexican government can’t get a dragnet over this and stomp out the cartels by military force.

  3. […] is more fun when you can say: “fuck the po-lice” while doing it.  You can’t jut dissolve the vicious cycle with the stroke of a pen.  In fact there’s an entire culture that somewhat depends on its […]

  4. yuppers fukk da police cause im miss shady u dont mess with me cause i will kill you

  5. juss kiddin but yeah fukk tha police

  6. fucked up death for that guy

  7. So much for the war on drugs!

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