Syrian National Council: “Assad and his family will be killed in Syria”

A leading member of the Syrian opposition has threatened President Assad, his British wife and three children with a bloody Gaddafi-esque end. Meanwhile, the West continues to push for a resolution to help the Syrian opposition oust Assad.

Haitham Maleh, a founding member of the executive committee of the Syrian National Council, made the shocking comment in an interview with The Telegraph newspaper. He declared that as soon as Assad’s regime falls, the opposition will have its way with him.

“Assad and his family will be killed in Syria. Their next steps will be very bloody,” he said. “Two months ago we offered him the option to leave us alone and go, but instead he went for the blood of his people. The end for him will be that he is killed like Gaddafi.”

Yet Mr Maleh’s call for a gruesome death for President Assad and his wife and children has thus far met with a wall of silence – despite the invocation of the summary execution of the late Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi, whose son also met a violent death during the  NATO-backed conflict.

“We came, we saw, he died,” joked Hillary Clinton after Gaddafi’s death. It now looks very much as if the scenario is repeating itself, with Clinton saying the US will throw its weight behind the Arab-backed condemnation of Assad’s regime, which she said was brutally blocking the country’s hopes of peacefully transitioning to democracy.

Maleh’s comments give cause for great concern about what form democracy may take in SNC-ruled Syria.

While Russia tries to broker peace talks between the Syrian government and the opposition, Maleh casually dismisses its efforts, saying the talks will not materialize.

“How can we have dialogue with a criminal regime? We can’t do it now,” he told The Telegraph. “The game is over. How can we talk with a person who has put a pistol to our heads. It is impossible to make dialogue with this person.”

There have been numerous reports of Bashar al-Assad’s wife and other family members making attempts to leave the embattled country, but being ambushed en route to the airport by opposition forces who forced them to turn around. Now, it seems, Assad’s family is on the opposition’s hit-list.The next attempt might prove to be fatal.

Asma Assad grew up in the UK and her friends say they are sure she is repulsed by the violence currently gripping Syria.

“She would be horrified with what is happening,” said Malik al-Abdeh, a TV magnate speaking to The Times. “She lived most of her life here. Her ethics and morality were formed here. I think she must be genuinely shocked.”

However her pro-Western views are no longer of any importance. It seems all the opposition wants now is revenge.


the syrian national council..the “good guys”..thank god the west is always on the right side of these arguments..phew.. *sarcasm

“We came, we saw, he died,” joked Hillary Clinton after Gaddafi’s death” <– more “good guy” talk..fucking warmongers..they love death and blood..


~ by seeker401 on February 3, 2012.

15 Responses to “Syrian National Council: “Assad and his family will be killed in Syria””

  1. I think we all have a clear picture of what’s happening in Syria. Right or wrong, I think Bashar al-Assad is a self-centered idiot if he does’nt get his family out of there, post haste…time is of the essence.

  2. re: Asma Asad “She lived most of her life here. Her ethics and morality were formed here. I think she must be genuinely shocked.”

    She damned well must be shocked, why she’s a Harvard Grad, and a Vogue cover story….this stuff isn’t supposed to happen to people like her!!

    My goodness, she’s almost EVITA for crying out loud !!

    • harvard..goddamn..could have put money on that..

    • Assad is the daughter of Fawaz Akhras, a consultant cardiologist at the Cromwell Hospital, London, and retired diplomat Sahar Otri al-Akhras. Her parents are Sunni and of Syrian origin, originally coming from Homs.[2][3] Assad grew up in Acton where she went to a local Church of England state school.[4] She finished her schooling at Queen’s College in London, attended King’s College London and graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Diploma in French Literature.[5]
      After university, Assad started work at Deutsche Bank Group in the Hedge Fund Management division with clients in Europe and the Far East. In 1998, she joined the Investment Banking division of J.P. Morgan, specializing in mergers and acquisitions.

      i dont think she is a harvard grad..but connected to them tightly..

  3. lol well, she was almost Harvard according to this article

    “By the spring of 2000, she was closing a big biotech deal at JP Morgan in London and about to take up an MBA at Harvard. She started dating a family friend: the second son of president Hafez al-Assad, Bashar, who’d cut short his ophthalmology studies in London in 1994 and returned to Syria after his older brother, Basil, heir apparent to power, died in a car crash. They had known each other forever, but a ten-year age difference meant that nothing registered—until it did.”

    looks like becoming a dictators wife was better than Harvard lol…

  4. A Rose in the Desert! I just have to mention this, wasn’t Princess Diana called England’s Rose? I’m just saying…..:)

  5. okay, now ya got me going on this story, lol..

    Bashar al Assad
    Born, Sept. 11, 1965, in Damascus, Syria. Stepped into the role of heir apparent to the presidency after his older brother, Basil al-Assad, died in a car crash in 1994. The Syrian parliament lowered the minimum age for a presidential candidate from 40 to 34 years of age so that Bashar could run, unopposed, for his late father’s seat.

    September 11th! ominous date, lol.

    Basil al-Assad
    In January 1994, driving his own Mercedes at high speed through fog to Damascus International Airport in the small hours of the morning, Basil is said to have collided with a motorway roundabout and died instantly. There has been occasional speculation that his death may have been a murder cover-up, but this has not been suggested by the Syrian government and no evidence in support of such a theory has, as far is known, been presented elsewhere.

    from the New York TImes
    The death of the son, Maj. Basil al-Assad, who was 33 and one of the most popular figures in his father’s inner circle, comes as a sharp blow to the President at an especially difficult time, only days after he met in Geneva with President Clinton in an attempt to put the Middle East peace effort back on track. Syrian and Israeli negotiators are scheduled to resume their peace talks next week in Washington, after a four-month suspension.

    An official statement released in Damascus described the death as a “tragic accident,” and said Mr. Assad would attend his son’s funeral Saturday in Qardna, the President’s birthplace near Latakia, on the Mediterranean coast.

    Basil was “33” wink wink

    Journalists in Syria said Major Assad, whose hobbies included horseback riding and driving fast cars, had died in an automobile crash on the road to Damascus airport.

    Headed to catch a flight to Germany, he was driving at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour along the foggy highway, the Associated Press quoted people close to the family as saying. He missed the airport turnoff, and the car slammed into a barrier, flipping several times, they reported, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    The major’s cousin, Hafez Makhlouf, 24, was treated for a head injury. A back-seat passenger, the chauffeur who was to return the car, was unhurt.

    “With deep grief and sadness, President Hafez al-Assad announces to the people the death of major, engineer and parachutist Basil al-Assad,” said an official statement, read on state-run radio and television.

    • Nice stuff. I like the rose analogy and you might see a repeat! the dates and death age are sweet. Did the son meet with Clinton or the president and the death looks very suspect.

    • The passenger is also interesting: Hafez Maklouf led the investigation into the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh rather than the head of military intelligence general Shawkat (pres President Bashar’s brother in law) who some have said must have been complicit in the assassination because it appeared to require inside intelligence; before that Shawkat was also been implicated in the Hariri assassination which also appeared to require inside knowledge.
      Of course before that there was this:
      “Assef Shawqat, 55, head of Military Intelligence. Husband of Bashar’s sister Bushra, he was promoted to his current position in 2005. Shawqat has a law degree and a doctorate in history from Damascus University. He joined the Syrian army in the late 1970s and rose through the ranks. He met Bushra in the mid-1980s. While courting her, Shawqat was imprisoned several times by her brother, Basil, who objected to the match. In 1995, a year after Basil’s death, Shawqat and Bushra eloped. After the news got out, Hafez al-Assad summoned them to the palace, where he gave them his blessing. Shawqat has since become very close to Bashar, and is considered one of his loyalists and strongmen. Shawqat is implicated in planning Hariri’s assassination by the Mehlis report.”
      Hafez’s brother Rami is a billionaire accused of corruption: Rami is one of the richest if not the richest man in Syria:

  6. I read it to be the father, Hafez al-Assad, then President, met with Clinton.
    Coincidence? I think not, personally.

  7. I think she will be hanging from a crane beside hubby,within 2 months..

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