Portugal gets the “nod”..deal caught on TV


In an incredibly candid ‘informal’ discussion caught on video by Portugal’s TVi24 television crew, German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble gives Portuguese finance minister Vitor Gaspar ‘the nod’ that after the Greek deal is done, Germany will relax the conditions of the financial assistance program for Portugal.

Transcript of the conversation in its entirety:

Wolfgang Schäuble: If at the end we need to make an adjustment to the program [Portuguese], having taken large decisions about Greece … This is essential. But then, if necessary an adjustment of the Portuguese program, will be prepared.

Vítor Gaspar: Thank you very much.

Wolfgang Schäuble: No problem. Since … It is that members of the German parliament and public opinion in Germany does not believe that our decisions are serious, why not believe in our decisions about Greece.

Vítor Gaspar: We made very substantial progress in the European context.

Wolfgang Schäuble: Yes, you did progress.

Vítor Gaspar: Yes, we did. And now we have to work …


love the second picture..just a merry go round..

how do you feel greece?


~ by seeker401 on February 11, 2012.

10 Responses to “Portugal gets the “nod”..deal caught on TV”

  1. merry go round…more like a circle jerk culminating in a cluster fuck with the biggest asshole winning a prize.

  2. The wealth transfer machine runs just like the engine in a car. Wealth and labor go in, debt comes out the exhaust. The difference is that the engine wouldn’t be running in the living room, with all of the windows closed.


  3. Seems like its a staged “caught” on film type event… Made to look candid, but in reality???

  4. […] remember this?: https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2012/02/11/portugal-gets-the-nod-deal-caught-on-tv/ […]

  5. Well said dthorn420

    Nothing changes throughout history. How many instances have there been where the biggest %^ckin* asshole bags the cheerleader!?

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