Battlefield USA 2012: Gerald Celente predicts

In 2012 America will become a battlefield of the will of the people against the will of the government, proclaims Gerald Celente, the founder of the Trends Research Institute and publisher of the Trends Journal.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has gone global and that is evidence that “people a keep kind of latch on to it”.

“Even though you think the American spirit is dead, the whole world kind of focuses on the US for the center of social, economic, geopolitical and cultural change,” claims Celente, who said OWS inspired people in an estimated 80 countries and 120 cities. And police brutality only brought it to the forefront.

The 2012 top trend will be “Battlefield America”, Celente predicts.

“It is going to be the will of the people against the will of the government,” he said.

Now that President Obama has signed the National Defense Authorization Act, those Americans who speak out against the elected officials might get prison time. There is no need to be a terrorist suspect any more, being belligerent – as written in the Act – is more than enough to be taken away.

“You have no judge, you have no jury, you have no trial, you don’t have charges filed against you, the military can come in and take someone “belligerent” away to lock up in detention,” Celente slams.

“No lawyer, no habeas corpus – it is the ‘bill of no rights’ signed by President Obama,” the forecaster boils, explaining that now the military is allowed to take somebody they “like the Gestapo” choose to be an anti-American or working with terrorists.

Gerald Celente says the entire financial world system is melting down. The collapse of the EU is inevitable as “there is no way of bailing them out”.

“Just G7 has $7.5 trillion worth of debt coming into 2012 – how they are going to pay that off?”

The depression and recession that engulfs the world will be used by the US to put the blame for the crisis on ‘socialist’ Europeans, believes Celente. The options of a false flag terrorist strike or a war with Iran are also on the table.

The trend forecaster warns the US authority might announce a “bank holiday”: closing down the banks and Wall Street 9/11 style not to let citizens get their savings out in order to devalue the currency.

Gerald Celente openly names the American trade embargo on Iran “an act of war”. The same applies to putting Tehran out of the oil business, because up to 60 per cent of Iranian GDP comes with oil revenues.
If the US or NATO chose to attack Iranian nuclear facilities – that would be the beginning of WWIII, Celente stressed, and an attack on Syria might have the same outcome.

The presidential race in the US won’t bring much change because again it is going to be another pick of a “lesser of two evils”. Even Barack Obama might win a second term despite all the broken promises he gave the American nation that once fully supported him.

“If there is another four years of Obama – people are going to be wanting “Bush back!” Celente claims.


I cant disagree with gerald..i think he speaks truth..


~ by seeker401 on February 22, 2012.

6 Responses to “Battlefield USA 2012: Gerald Celente predicts”

  1. check out this revealing article

    World War III – The First Private War in History

    Those who won all battles shall lose the war.

    Bilderberg Group and the crimes against humanity.

    In 1991, when George Bush senior attacked Iraq and tried to establish the New World Order, has actually provoked a World War. A war the human kind has never seen before; a world war that may not have had the provocative blood-letting of the previous wars, nevertheless its consequences were equally bad for all the peoples. A financial world war, the consequences of which may not have been dead or amputated men and ruins, but in any case they were equally disastrous for both the peoples and the environment.

  2. great article Lailapa 🙂
    also if they created crisis continue for ‘they’ be great at w ar cos ‘they’ can blame hunger and everything else on that

    the debts are most ‘they’ so Countries can opt for

  3. “If there is another four years of Obama – people are going to be wanting “Bush back!” Celente claims….Would this be the False Armegaddon, or the real one?

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