China detains Tibetans..Large numbers forced into re-education classes

China has detained and forced into re-education classes hundreds of Tibetans who went to India to receive religious instruction from the Dalai Lama, a U.S.-based human rights group said.

It is the first time since the late 1970s that Chinese authorities have detained large numbers of ordinary Tibetans and placed them into re-education classes, Human Rights Watch said in an online statement. Tibetan monks and nuns are routinely made to attend patriotic education classes.

The statement posted Thursday said the exact number of those detained was unclear, but that it was believed to be several hundred.

It said the detainees had recently returned from Bihar, India, where they had attended lectures with the Dalai Lama, the Tibetans’ exiled spiritual leader who fled the Himalayan region in 1959 amid an abortive uprising against Chinese rule and is reviled by Beijing.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said at a regular press briefing Friday that China was stepping up security measures in Tibet to prevent separatist violence or incitement in the run-up to the anniversary of the March 14, 2008, riots in the regional capital, Lhasa, that left 22 people dead.

Liu was asked by a reporter to comment on the Human Rights Watch report but didn’t directly respond to the allegations and made no mention of mass detentions.

“Separatist organizations based overseas have made March of every year an important period for advocating violence and inciting separatism,” Liu said. “During this period, stepped up security in Tibetan areas will help crack down on separatist and sabotage activities and maintain social stability.”

Lhasa police and government officials said Friday that they were unaware of the alleged detentions.

Human Rights Watch said the Tibetans were being held in makeshift detention centers in Lhasa and other areas, including some set up at an army base, an army training center and a shelter for vagrants, as well as in hotels.


unverified..smells like propaganda..may not be..but be aware of it..


~ by seeker401 on February 26, 2012.

10 Responses to “China detains Tibetans..Large numbers forced into re-education classes”

  1. I guess I would prefer the re-education camp to a visit from the mobile execution van.

    • Good money in body parts.

      • That is a good point. It makes me wonder why are we showing so much respect to them and exporting all our productivity there. Anyone not sleepwalking knows what they do to the Tibetans. Anyone paying attention knows they kill dissidents and sell their body parts. Americans act concerned and demand that the slaves building their iPhones are being treated well. China doesn’t believe in the free-market. We should show them that money talks and BS walks and demand our products be made in America. Yeah, American made iPads will cost more, but that’s only because they won’t have blood on them.

        • your products will not be made in america until the wage of the american is the same as the chinese..its that damn simple..the cost of labour drives everything.. everything..america does technology transfers to china so they can make what they want made but not at the american wage..thats the global you know..and its the same with india.. american taxpayer $$ paid for the optic fibre cable to connect india to usa in they can telemarket to their hearts content..

      • That’s the sad truth. Did you see this freaking article? I’d like to interview the clown that wrote it: “… New screens began arriving at the plant near midnight. A foreman immediately roused 8,000 workers inside the company’s dormitories, according to the executive. Each employee was given a biscuit and a cup of tea, guided to a workstation and within half an hour started a 12-hour shift fitting glass screens into beveled frames. Within 96 hours, the plant was producing over 10,000 iPhones a day.” Fucking worker dormitories? 12 hour shifts starting a midnight? Fuck. That.
        Nor should one overlook this incident much closer to home.
        I don’t knowingly buy anything from China (and a laundry list of other nations I don’t care to support as well). No outsourcing here.

        • foxconn..

          yeah you get to live at your work/prison..and work, and work..when they say you do..and then some wonder why everything is made in china or india!

          hope they enjoyed the biscuit..

  2. ah yes, showing us once again how the chinese empire is a direct descendant of the american and british ones.

    US = highest incarceration rate in the world. highest rate of nine year old girls on a diet too.

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