CSTO: US attack on Iran will “shake everyone”


The head of the Eurasian military-political bloc CSTO says that the US military strike on Iran would cause a deep crisis in the surrounding region and far beyond.

The Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, Nikolay Bordyuzha said that the organization was strongly opposing the military strike on Iran and at the same time prepares to possible negative consequences.

“The position of the CSTO member countries concerning the possible attack of the USA on Iran is united and consists of the idea that no strikes should be made. If this happens, this will shake many and from all points of view,”Bordyuzha said.

The official added that the organization was making steps regarding the possible flow of refugees from the region, but so far these steps are not very active as CSTO leaders still hope that there will be no attack.

CSTO unites seven former Soviet republics, including Central Asian countries that border Iran. Bordyuzha has previously suggested that Iran could also join the bloc, but no steps have been made in this direction so far.


this guy is a genius..sarcasm intended..nice logo..freaks..


~ by seeker401 on February 26, 2012.

10 Responses to “CSTO: US attack on Iran will “shake everyone””

  1. Prelude to the false armageddon.


  2. A definite must read!


    • Iran knows..

      • Ya think????

        • I have seen some great pieces by Muslims on hollyweird. They see through it very clearly. I assume that’s what the conference in Iran was about?

          • Yes. A word of caution here though… As Islam is a joint creation of the Talmudists & the Vatican, it still only exists to serve their purpose. Remember; both all sides against the middle.

            That’s why I keep posting The False Armageddon playlist. Islam’s roll & purpose for existing and it’s demise is all in there.

            Setting the grand stage.

            Shalum !

  3. Sorry Beat can YOU explain this oops cut and paste from one YOU
    “As Islam is a joint creation of the Talmudists & the Vatican” btw
    i know at little about the T almud

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