Australian NWO symbols


over the next few days and weeks i will show a side of australia we dont often see..we are no different to the other western you will see..esoteric australia is alive and well ..


~ by seeker401 on February 28, 2012.

18 Responses to “Australian NWO symbols”

  1. enstein said immagination is more important than knowledge.

    all i can say, is they havent got much immagination….eye, pyramid, star. they got nothin!

  2. I’ve been watching world economic/political events in Australia for a few years…I have to say that I am almost worried more about you guys than I am America…Maybe being on the outside?…

    I’m not looking at symbols but rather legislation passed and the general direction the country seems to be leaning in reguards to many issues…Also you are now a part of the 171 country lilypad cohilition…with the arrival of an American base…Not saying that for protection that is a bad thing…but rather that all resources and their routes now need to be protected…

    What say ye???

    Also an interesting side note…I went through all my old posts pulling info from 2009 till today on the bailouts, etc. & where the $$ went…Interesting coincidence verifird from someone else with links…Almost all VIP financial info against the elites just so happened to be posted in August of every year…so my ? was how come?…I did get a response but would like to see if any here have an opinion…I tacked all the posts on my front page…

    Also I have started a list of key words [tags] that are not being let through on my site…when I get a good list I will post it…


    • we have had fabians in charge for nearly 5 years shows..we already had americans here with pine gap etc but the troop increase means we are a launching base for asia now..we have the disgusting carbon tax as well..about to hit..i would rather be here than there though 🙂

      more to come..

  3. Please forgive me as I don’t know where else to get this to you.

    Medical Journalists Call for “After-Birth-Abortions ”

    Straight out of the Talmud !!!!

    • i have been disgusted with that article and i even tweeted it..i will repost..thanks bea..*shakes head

      • lol, I got banned at 2 different sites this week saying what I thought about this. This is completely fraudulent psyops 101 on par with peta and the westboro baptists. I am pro-abortion and I would never regard killing a born child as anything but murder. Neither would any other supporter of abortion. Only religious whackaloons and or complete and utter morons would buy into this. This is just one more fucking attempt to strip women of their rights first to abortion and then to sterilization and contraception by linking this purported ethical view with abortion support. I’d like to see the author’s bank account and find out how much he was paid.
        And if anyone thinks this is not the plan they are under informed. It took me 8 years to find a doctor willing to sterilize me: 8 YEARS for a procedure legal in all 50 states.

        • the authors are male AND female and aussies..nobody has to buy into it..its their thoughts..its a peep inside the logic of these eugenics freaks..and its fucking scary..i was on this story 3 days ago on twitter..they “cant believe the backlash”..duh?

        • there is a small anti abortion movement here..nothing severe..its quite accepted..this is a story about killing babies after they are born..imo

      • unfortunately, having gone to an elite US university, i know far too many people who would not see this article as anything but serious, and they would agree with it (as long as the children being killed aren’t 1) their own or 2) blond and white).

        the abortion issue has been a great one for those who wish to enslave us in a left-right style debate. it’s extremely easy for a politician to stand up and support one side or another and get a lot of passionate support. of course, this leads to people taking up sides without knowing what it is they are siding with.

        “right-wingers” who want to ban abortions fail to realize that doing so does not reduce the number of abortions to zero and creates risk factors which endanger health. besides that, it’s an authoritarian solution, and those rarely bring about positive change.

        “left-wingers” fail to see abortion for what it is: a harsh procedure for a *preventable* condition. mostly leftists i talk to recoil in anger and disbelief when i say “ideally, the number of abortions would be zero, right?” and of course the biggest blind spot is the undeniable fact that abortion is a favorite tool of the eugenicists.

        i am 100% pro-choice when it comes to (pre-birth, lol) abortion. even if a zygote or a fetus were a person, no one is required to continue allowing a parasite (a crude but accurate term in this case) to feed off of them.

        however, i am 100% against the use of funds or advocacy for abortions in other countries. that’s eugenics, plain and simple. furthermore, planned parenthood is a eugenics organization, founded by stalinist racists and currently run by USliberals (who, as we know, are some of the most bloodthirsty people on the planet).

        i know at least half a dozen women who have had multiple abortions – one of them has had six. without exception, they have said or implied that they consider abortion to be nothing more than just another birth control method. what a triumph for the rulers that they can euthanize a mother’s children, and the mother will turn around and thank them for it.

        • thanks xxx

          “what a triumph for the rulers that they can euthanize a mother’s children, and the mother will turn around and thank them for it.”

          thats poignant..

      • Is one to believe that their superiors knew nothing of the direction of their ethical masturbation? And the publishers of this garbage? Is one to conclude that this bogus line of inquiry is thought it worthwhile? No. Somewhere along the way there was a payoff.
        As to the “ethicists” in question, it may be that the payoff was over their level of the food chain. But this was published with the sole intent to inflame the abortion debate.

        When women have parity with men both financially and socially, then I’ll say abortion isn’t necessary outside the cases of rape, incest, and medical necessity for the health of the mother. Until then, I support abortion 100% under any circumstance the woman deems necessary.

        “…what a triumph for the rulers that they can euthanize a mother’s children, and the mother will turn around and thank them for it.”
        It took me 8 years to convince a doctor that I really did not want children, 8 years in which I was made to worry that I would need an abortion. No method of birth control is 100% reliable, and the most effective, the birth control pill, caused me to have paranoid hallucinations, such that I had to discontinue its use. Many women are poor candidates for the pill: women with low blood pressure, women with a history of blood clots in their families, women with a history of mental illness (especially anxiety disorders) in their families are all at elevated risk for even fatal consequences. One need not be irresponsible or reckless in order to become pregnant. If I had become pregnant I would have had an abortion and I would have thanked the doctor who performed it. Not because I regard abortion as “just another method” of birth control, but because I would have been grateful for the doctor’s intervention on my behalf. Doctors who perform abortions risk their lives. They freaking well are owed gratitude. In fact, they have my gratitude just for being available regardless that I am now sterilized and could not ever need their service.

        • the usa is a different kettle of fish to the rest of the world can get sterilzed here within 3 mths..not a problem..and we dont blow up abortion clinics and kill the doctors..

          until i see more information i dont think this was printed to inflame the abortion debate, its non existant in Australia and this is where they are didnt even register that with me..all i saw was the fact they want to tell us a baby born is not a human..a full term baby..

          thanks..i appreciate your honesty

      • “No method of birth control is 100% reliable”

        just want to point out that there is one method that is 100% reliable – making sure the penis doesn’t go in the vagina.

        as i said, any person dealing with a parasite (even a zygote or a fetus) has the right to rid themselves of that parasite.

        i thought tubal ligation was an on-demand procedure like a vasectomy; why did it take 8 years for you to get sterilized?

        note that i was talking about women who consider abortion to be just another form of birth control. by your own account, you are not such a person. then you display *exactly* the kind of knee-jerk response i referenced when i mentioned the liberal reaction to the idea that ideally the number of abortions would be zero.

        the eugenics aspects of abortion can’t be denied. no amount of kicking, screaming, or obsfucation can change that. when american liberals want to extend their vision of abortion to other countries – including funding mass abortions in poor countries – it’s eugenics. they could instead spend the money on the #1 birth controller in the world – teaching women to read, write, and do math.

      • Why did it take 8 years? Because I was an 18 year old woman (26 when I had the procedure) and they thought I was too stupid to know what I wanted and would turn around and sue them later on, despite that I agreed to sign any paper they wished to the contrary. That is my point: sterilization is absolutely not an on demand procedure and it is the only form of birth control that is 100% effective. Abstinence is not, because there is always the issue of rape. More than 1 in 10 women will be raped. I will not hazard a better estimate than that. That’s a high risk.
        I went multiple times per year to both private clinics and the hospital to arrange for the procedure and was refused over and over and over again.
        Every day even acquiring even ordinary contraception can be problematic: WalMart will not sell it, who knows which other major retailers will follow? Pharmacists are allowed to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions or even to sell condoms. It is absurd, but absurd and dangerous.
        And wtf is this don’t have sex shit? No one demands that of men. Why then should it be demanded of women? One could as well say, don’t have sex with a woman without checking first if she wants to have a freaking baby. And again, how does abstinence prevent one from becoming pregnant as the victim of rape? What of little girls? There are 8 year olds that have become pregnant, do you suggest they ought to be made to have babies?
        As for your *exactly the knee jerk reaction*, I have stated that I think if women had equal status financially and socially with men I think the number of abortions would drop dramatically, I do not claim to zero. I have never denied being a liberal, to the contrary, I am far left of most self reported liberals. Whether or not abortion drops to zero is so far down my list of priorities it does not even have a number. If your morality counts that as a bad thing so be it, mine does not. When I see your dispensation to speak for any god, I’ll reconsider. Actually, I will not.
        I did not say I think the US ought to aid women in other countries in obtaining contraception, sterilization, or abortion, so dont put words in my mouth. I am against ngos and their often deadly interference in foreign affairs, and I expect any such policies would be carried out under some hideous Gates-like auspices. I cannot imagine that being anything like a net benefit.

      • well, I’ve never been to Australia, so I’ll have to concede you are far more likely to be correct than I. Most of the australians I’ve met were fairly conservative, it is surprising to me they are so much more reasonable on this topic. I’ll go with your interpretation then. In that case: scary!

        • its one of those issues that didnt seem to faze anyone over here..of course we have conservatives here but they really dont bother about this issue, they have their opinions but accept its something that happens..we dont have the bible belt sort of population that the usa was doing gay mardis gras’ for many years before it became sort of “cool” to do it..if anything people get roused here because of the free availability of contraception at schools..not the lack of..which is a conservatve angle, but we dont go after abortionists or clinics..bit of a paradox..

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