Vladimir Putin: “We have won. Glory to Russia”


Vladimir Putin has claimed a resounding victory in Russia‘s presidential election, provoking a furious response from opposition activists who alleged that the vote was marred by widespread fraud.

At a rally in front of the Kremlin an emotional Putin, with tears running down his face and flanked by the outgoing president, Dmitry Medvedev, said: “I promised you we would win. We have won. Glory to Russia.”

Putin congratulated his supporters for preventing unidentified outside forces from determining the country’s fate, angrily reiterating his charge that the unprecedented protests against his rule that have rocked the country since a contested parliamentary vote in December have been curated by the west.

“We showed that no one can direct us in anything!” Putin said. “We were able to save ourselves from political provocations, which have one goal: to destroy Russian sovereignty and usurp power.”

The central election commission gave Putin 63% with 22% of votes counted. The state-run VTsIOM polling agency said its exit polls predicted that Putin would take 58.3% of the vote.

But as with the December vote, independent election monitors and opposition activists presented evidence of widespread falsifications, including ballot stuffing and “carousel voting” – packing vans with voters and bussing them to several polling sites to cast numerous votes.

The Kremlin set up webcams in polling sites to combat fraud. One camera caught a man stuffing voting papers into a ballot box in Dagestan.

Putin’s supporters rejected claims of voting irregularities. “This is the cleanest election in Russia’s entire history,” said his campaign chief, Stanislav Govorukhin. “The violations our rivals and the opponents of our president will now speak of are laughable.”

Some in Moscow said their support for Putin was a vote for stability. “I voted for Putin because there are no other candidates,” said Elena, a 50-year-old teacher voting at a school in western Moscow.

Many opposition activists had hoped to force Putin into a second round and questioned his landslide victory. “Putin has named himself the emperor of Russia for the next 12 years,” said the protest leader Alexey Navalny. “We announced earlier that we will not recognise these elections. The powers here are illegitimate – this is their only way to remain in power.”

Putin’s official opponents lagged far behind. The Communist leader, Gennady Zyuganov, came in second with early results showing he took 17.37% of the vote. The billionaire latecomer Mikhail Prokhorov took nearly 8%, while the far-right nationalist firebrand Vladimir Zhirinovsky took nearly 7.5%. Sergei Mironov, who abstained from throwing his support behind Putin, unlike in previous elections, came in last with 3.67%.


no surprise..hes got it..crap performance from the oligarch and soros choice prokhorov..am i bit weird for actually thinking putin might be a good guy?..take a contrary view..if the west hates him so much he must be doing something right?


~ by seeker401 on March 5, 2012.

45 Responses to “Vladimir Putin: “We have won. Glory to Russia””

  1. Yeah, makes me wonder too, but maybe he’s just the best of both worlds? We’ll see..

  2. The west hate Putin, because he’s a Russian Nationalist who is not going along with their “globalist” agenda. David Duke wrote an excellent article a while back on why he is hated so much that diggs much deeper into the background of Russian politics.

    Why Putin is Under Attack

    • thanks DC 🙂

      “It is impossible that Vladimir Putin is not aware of all these things. Every knowledgeable Russian is aware of them. And with the fall of Communism and the new state that emerged, Jews reasserted their power as they not had since the time of Lenin and Trotsky. In the two years following the fall of the Soviet State, through international Jewish capital and massive bribery, threats, murder and gangsterism, Jews seized control of most of wealth of Russia in undoubtedly the greatest series of criminal thefts in the history of mankind.
      The Jewish Oligarchs (10 of 11 of the most powerful were Jews) grabbed control of at least 65 percent of the wealth of Russia. The most politically active of the leading oligarchs was a vicious gangster and murderer named Boris Berezovsky. At one point Putin aligned with him in his quest for power. There was even an article in the Moscow Times newspaper about how Putin used to vacation in Berezovsky’s summer house in Spain.
      Berezovsky had risen under Boris Yeltsin as the head of National Security for Russia. But, a firestorm of justified anger broke out in Russia against him when it was learned that Berezovsky, the head of Russian security was also a citizen of Israel.
      As Putin gained more and more power in the Russian hierarchy he began to assert himself and eventually broke with Berezovsky and Gusinsky and a number of the Jewish Oligarchs. Since that time their have been thousands of sympathetic articles about Berezovsky and Gusinsky and articles about the lawlessness of Putin for daring to prosecute these men. Recently, Berezovsky’s biggest critic was gunned down on the streets of Moscow. Now this is the kind of man that the Jewish-dominated media loves!
      Putin has not acted against all of the Oligarchs. He was too much of a cold war chess player to do that, but he went against any of them who tried to assert power over him, much like Stalin did decades earlier. Berezovsky and Gusinsky (the gangster Gusinsky who was head of the Russian Jewish Congress) are now Putin’s most bitter enemies. No other leader in the western world would dare to go after such powerful Jewish supremacist.”

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  5. […] Vladimir Putin: “We have won. Glory to Russia” (seeker401.wordpress.com) […]

  6. “Favorite Enemy”. The benefits are countless. The blame game continues as usual. If and when WW3 breaks, we have someone that can make it an actual war….

    I hope he’s a guy though, really I do.

  7. you are making the mistake G Edward Griffen warned against.

    The communists are compteting against the Anglo-American establishment – but they are no better – Try standing outside the Kremlin with a sign that says “Putin blows” and see how are you treated by their police state. You cannot even walk down the street without your “papers” or you will be arrested. Russia is no land of the free.

    This is like Democrats and Republicans…they both suck

    • I never said it was the land of the free. You will find the same conditions coming to the USA. In fact I posted about it last week. An enemy of my enemies is a friend? So who should have won? And don’t say none. That’s the easy way out. Somebody had to win. That’s the system. Doesn’t mean I agree with it. Cheers.

      • I only felt the need to comment on this because you were saying he is a good guy… He is no angel at all. I do not support the west trying to assassinate him or over throw him of course…but running from one group of psycho’s to another is not the answer either. As for the election, well – I think you know politics is a very dirty game – just to compete you must compromise on your values…that isn’t going to change any time soon.

        • i agree friend..i made an opinion call on putin and its generated a lot of comments..perhaps i was trying to get some discussion going? 🙂

    • 🙄 Russia is not communist, it is corporate-banking-crime-intelligence-military run, exactly as are we and all the other great powers, just by (mostly) different oligarchs than ours.

  8. Whoever said that Pupkin is an enemy of the west?! He is best friend of the west and enemy to each and every Russian.

  9. http://demotivation.me/btp6timgqeabpic.html

  10. some nice facts why west loves Pupkin

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  22. Maybe we can get Putin to come over here and monitor the next U.S. elections. I would gladly hand over Bush, Soros, Clinton, Obama, McCain, Graham, Rockefeller and as many others as Putin wants so he can put them in a Siberian concentration camp where those scum belong.

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