How wealthy is the Roman Catholic Church?

The Global Financial Crisis – the whirlwind of astounding real estate foreclosures, stock market crashes, business bankruptcies and disappearing credit has now hit every single country around the planet. What once was simply called the “Sub-Prime Crisis” has now suddenly mutated into a monster we fearfully call “global recession”. So what is really going on? Who has caused this? Why are things suddenly getting so much worse so quickly? And what does the immediate future over the next few years hold?

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thanks to rev17 for the link..

the QE2 and Vatican Inc are the 2 big kahunas..nothing else comes close..


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  1. If the pope steps down, it may be because he has taken a good look at his pension fund or it may be that his name has already been added to this list …

    • 🙂 red dragon is a reader here..does good work

      • In 1990 I had the opportunity to work in the residence of the Bishop of Brooklyn, the former home of Charles Pratt. The home had recently been appraised at $35 million.
        Few people have seen the interior of this home, craftsmen and artisans created works of art worthy of display in any museum. The fireplace in the dining room featured a sunburst display with over 1000 opals. The walls covered with meticulously hand carved leather, highlighted with gold leaf.
        Original life size bible scenes by Tiffany.
        Keep in mind the appraisal was pre real estate boom.
        The Bishop was always accompanied by a priest? dressed in a not off the rack suit who never removed his hand from a black attache.
        Cameras everywhere.
        Then there is the $1 million plus apt for the 90 year old blind priest in the middle of the cemetary ???

        • sunburst display..wish you took pictures!

          • I did have my camera but it was just too risky. No telling what they would have done.

            Priest Implicated Monsignor
            Thursday, October 05, 2000
            A fellow priest fingered Msgr. Thomas Gradilone in the alleged multimillion-dollar embezzlement at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church in Queens, the head of the Brooklyn Diocese revealed last night.

            “One of the priests, one of the assistants” told the diocese Gradilone was turning over envelopes stuffed with money to two mystery men every week, Bishop Thomas Daily said in an interview with Channel 11.

            The envelopes supposedly were picked up Mondays after weekend Masses.

            Diocese spokesman Frank DeRosa said it was news to him that a priest had dropped a dime on Gradilone.

            “Only the bishop knows who [the tipster] is,” DeRosa said.

            The video room in the million dollar apt for the blind priest puzzled me, until the blackjack tables were delivered, I learned later the apt was suddenly renovated with chainsaws.


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    • i have that site down in my blog roll..they have wild you have shown..checking it out

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  3. I don’t know, but anyone with authority to trade 100,000 tons of gold is worth keeping an eye on.

  4. Where does the Vatican store its gold?

    • “The main depository for the Vatican’s gold is the US Federal Reserve, while medals and precious coins (valued at close to €9.9 million) are kept in IOR vaults. A “significant decline” in the price of gold meant that the value of the Vatican’s gold fell to €20 million in 2013 from almost €28.3 million in 2012.”

      methinks they be lying about the amount of gold they be having… arrrrrrr.

  5. Wealth of Catholic Church Impossible To Calculate

  6. The Great Vatican-Jesuit Global Depression

    As the largest economic entity of history for over 1,000 years, the Roman Catholic Church dominated ever single class of assets, not just gold and minerals. Its property holdings were by fare the largest of any economic entity in Europe, let alone conquered lands. Its holdings of art and precious artifacts was and is unheralded.

    The Roman Catholic Church was a founder in virtually every historic major enterprise created out of states under its influence. It had holdings in new corporations from trading companies to banks and then major industries were unmatched.

    So wealthy was the Roman Catholic Church for over 1,000 years that even if it hired every single person on the planet in 1800 as an employee and paid them in gold coins, it had enough gold reserves to keep everyone gainfully employed for centuries.

    This total domination of the Roman Catholic Church as the single largest economic entity on planet Earth for over 1,000 years can’t simply be dismissed. Prior to modern revisions of history, it was acknowledged as absolute fact- the Catholic Church was the biggest economic entity on the planet, no question.

    How then did something so dominant suddenly appear to drop in asset value to a corporation of only a few billion dollars, that it would not even rate in the top 1,000 economic entities of the world today? Simply through creative history and creative accounting.

  7. The only thing francis has reformed is .. Accounting

  8. found this video re: Dr. Thomas E Sawyer who is now a shaman? !

    hmmm not sure what to make of it all really…..

  9. Dr. Thomas E. Sawyer, also known as Tom, Ph.D., has been the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of VOIP, Inc. since August 2013. Dr. Sawyer served as the Chairman of Brazil Gold Corporation until February 3, 2011. Dr. Sawyer served as Chief Executive Officer of Brazil Gold Corporation from November 13, 2009 to February 3, 2011. Dr. Sawyer has over 45 years of experience in information technology industries and 23 years of experience in senior management of four publicly-traded information technology firms.

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