“Pork Eating Crusader Patch” a big hit in Afghanistan


With tensions at an all time high in Afghanistan following the Koran burnings, the urination video, and the killing of 16 civilians, attention is now falling on a long line of “Infidel” apparel and gear.Exhausted from how they feel they’re being perceived, troops have taken to wearing patches and carrying items that label themselves infidels, and offer translation in local dialect.In the Muslim world an infidel means literally “one without faith” who rejects the central teachings of Islam.

Military.com tracked down Clayton Montgomery at Mil-Spec Monkey, a large online seller of infidel gear, who says his most popular item by far is the “Pork Eating Crusader Patch.”

The patch includes an image of a knight in a Crusade’s tunic, eating what appears to be a large ham hock, and lest there be any confusion — a translation in Arabic.

They haven’t gone unnoticed. The website Muslim Awakening, posts a picture of what appears to be a German soldier with the patch adhered to his combat uniform.

Other items are more subtle.

There is the Infidel Zippo advertised as: “This one is small enough to hold some personal meaning and not be in-your-face to everyone you meet. It’s perfect for pulling out at just the right moment to get the full effect.”


oh dear..and note the templar cross..its everywhere..


~ by seeker401 on March 24, 2012.

8 Responses to ““Pork Eating Crusader Patch” a big hit in Afghanistan”

  1. This is fabulous! I may have to get myself one of these patches if they sell them to civilians.

  2. as i relentlessly point out, americans know full well who and what they are – valueless killers steeped in cruelty and viciousness.

    american filth attacks 100% innocent afghans, the troops turn it into a cartoon featuring a pork-eating crusaders, and the little chicken-hawk coward douchebags like derik all want a copy.

    tell me again how americans are “good” and it is merely their government that is bad. fascism is the american way of life, and those idiot soldiers are out there protecting the american way of life. ya’ll figured that shit out yet? oops, too late.

    • Gawddamn xxx, I want to be on your compound when shit hits the fan round here. : – )

      • i know i go off sometimes, wp. honestly the only way i can justify it is that most americans have never had that attitude up in their faces. reason doesn’t seem to have any effect for the most part. most americans have never met an honest-to-goodness america hater (who also happens to love the land and count many among his friends who still cling, sadly, to their americaness.)

        america created some of the most amazing music and art in human history. some of the opportunities and freedoms allowed in america (yes, even to brown people) are unequaled.

        but that’s all over now, and has been over for a long time. the usa has been at war – nonstop – against countries that have never attacked it – since august 1990. and no one here cares. and as i have come to find out, they’re actually for it.

        it’s true that i will soon retire to a nice rural spot. for the time being there will be some security in being near like minded people – or at least like minded enough to want to escape the madness to the extent possible. but eventually we’ll be faced with not only drones, but swarms of self-powered insect drones. if it’s not that then it will be the gmos. and if it isn’t that it will be the chemtrails/geoengineering. or nuclear war. or pandemic. whatever, take your pick…

        and there’s no place to take a fight to. pick up a gun and go shoot… who? what good would it do? only thing to do is keep screaming, keep blogging, keep talking about it while we still can…

      • xxx. I meant what I said in the most highest regard. I did not mean it to come off as sarcasm. I really do want to learn how to survive without grocery stores, roads, cars, SS#, etc. Truly believe you would be one of the most clear minded and safe people to be around today and for tomorrow.

        Cheers xxx, seeker, intrigued. You teach me everyday and I have an open heart, ears, and eyes to soak it all up! Continue the great work! I am humbled by your knowledge and passion.

      • cheers wp, i’m stll learning too. praxis (the merging of what you know with what you do) is the hardest thing of all.

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