Ethiopia to host AU mediated Sudan talks

Officials from Sudan and South Sudan are set to meet in the Ethiopian capital on Thursday in a bid by the African Union (AU) to end ongoing clashes and prevent an all-out war between the two neighbours.

The pan-African body on Wednesday said it was deeply concerned by an “escalating security situation” on the border between Sudan and South Sudan, and called for troops to pull back 10km on either side of the border.

Ties between the two neighbours had been tense ever since South Sudan was carved out of Sudan as an independent country last year.

The current dispute is centred around the sharing of oil wealth, and both countries blame each other for the recent clashes around the town of Heglig.

Osman said Khartoum did not want a war with the South, but warned “if they want to accelerate, we will defend ourselves.”

South Sudan’s top negotiator Pagan Amum also voiced optimism over the talks.

“What we expect to achieve is the cessation of hostilities,” Amum said to the AFP news agency in a telephone interview from the South Sudanese capital, Juba.

“We will stop the fighting that is there, and ensure that this does not erupt into war between the two countries.”

Amum urged both sides to “rescue the positive spirit” of earlier talks, and said he remained confident fighting would stop after the meeting.


sudan was never fixed..the western backed south got the oil and the north got what paddy shot wonder there is conflict..another reason for troops to go into africa further..


~ by seeker401 on March 31, 2012.

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