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The order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world to which both men and women may belong. Eastern Star is a social order comprised of persons with spiritual values, but it is not a religion. Its appeals rest in the true beauty of the refreshing and character-building lessons that are so sincerely portrayed in its ritualistic work.  A deep fraternal bond exists between its members.  It is the wholesome relationship of sisterly and brotherly love brought about through high principles exemplified in our lives which make us near and dear to each other.

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the truth is ALWAYS stranger than fiction..this is not an april fools day joke..trayvons dad is a mason..eastern star to be exact..zimmerman is also connected to the masons and even higher via a very good source who supplies me with information..including these links..look at it for yourself..dont take my word for it..i am not on a white or black side here..i am on the side of truth and if this is a masonic event to create a race war then we have unearthed the evilness of their plans..dare i say it..blood sacrifice?


~ by seeker401 on April 3, 2012.

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  1. “sacrifice the son”

  2. Through” the Gated Community on his way back from the store?

    I have yet to hear if Trayvon had a right to be there to begin with.

    • dear dumbfuck racist,

      trayvon and his father were guests of a resident of the gated community. they were there watching a basketball game. trayvon went out to get skittles and some ice tea. and because of coward scum like you, he’s dead.

      the deeper meaning of these events, which is what seeker is trying to teach you about, is lost when people like you hold on to your deeply felt – and entirely unwarranted – hatred. the same can be said of those who refuse to look deeper and see themselves as mere indefensible victims.


      • look beyond what is being served up..look beyond the NBPP..look beyond wether a black man had a “right” to be there..or if one hit the other first..its all nothing..a kid is dead..there are some very dark and disturbing things in this plot and as soon as you get into arguing over petty bits you miss the big picture..its not a black or white thing.. thats the end result they want and thats the way both sides are pushing it to..when we are divided we cannot be united..

  3. well said XXX and Seek thx Seek to bring the real truth as always YOU do to the surface 🙂

  4. “Look beyond”. The new racism is the denial of racism. The sacrifice of son angle is a novel way of doing it.

    • don’t get me wrong, nomad. this was most definitely a racist killing. that’s precisely why it’s being blared everywhere – because it hits that particular nerve.

      if americans and the US media really wanted to discuss violent racism in the US, why is it that the media is not talking about what happened in el cajon all day everyday? a mother of five is found dead in her kitchen in a pool of blood – by her 17 year old daughter – with a note next to her demanding that she go back to her country and that she was a ‘terrorist.’

      here we have a killing that is *clearly* racist – the killer left a note telling us so! and does anyone care? of course not – *that* kind of news doesn’t hit a nerve because very few people in the US – black or white – consider iraqis to be human beings. so when an iraqi mother of five is beaten to death, it’s simply no big deal to americans. oh, and where is the massive manhunt for the killer who breaks into a home, beats a woman to death, and then leaves a note to let us know he’s a racist killer? he remains at large at this very moment – are the tv news stations blaring information about the report all day everyday so that he has less of a chance to strike again?


  5. xxx you miss the entire point. “It was most definitely a racist killing” isn’t that ALL that the media has focused on? You’ve been tricked, and by the look of it, that’s all you are focus on. Had it been a black man killing a black kid, it wouldn’t have even reached the news, no one would have cared. Surely it was wrong, but all they are focusing on is a white man killing a black kid. That’s the big deal. That’s why we have black people rallying and wanting to make a big deal about it, we have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton down there preaching it up, two of the biggest people to ever use the race card.

    Look between the lines. This was all a part to draw us apart. It’s not a black or white thing, this is being used to break us apart, as we cannot be UNITED if we are against one another.

    • gary, it is you who is missing my point because you are not deploying basic logic.

      in order for this incident to inflame racial tensions,*** it had to be racist***.

      as you correctly point out, a black person killing another black person would not have accomplished this. it also couldn’t be the racist murder of an arab woman (as happened in el cajon) because americans are *so* racist that they don’t consider arab women to be human beings who deserve to live life.

      you are incorrect in stating that zimmerman is white. he is latino and jewish (for some reason white jews want to claim not to be white).

      furthermore, you invoke notorious double-agent racists by calling out sharpton and jackson. sharpton is a republican activist (wore a wire to bust democratic congressmen, endorsed many republicans for office, and ran a presidential campaign entirely funded by republicans). jackson is a notorious black-hating racist who openly opposes black language education and who has publicly stated that he is “relieved” when he sees a white person behind him instead of a black person.

      and yet, as notoriously racist as these scumbags are, they haven’t actually gone around *killing* non-white people, the way your congress, presidents of both parties, and your scum thug rapist military does each and every day. who exactly is “playing the race card” again?

      who exactly am i supposed to be “united” with? people who want to question whether trayvon had the “right” to be in a gated community? such people do not even consider me to be a human being, and yet i am supposed to “unite” with them? scum like that will be the first to unite with obama or his successors when it comes time to unleash martial law in the usa, because they are little cackling coward house negros – of *any* color.

      guess what? we can look beyond the news to see the reason for events happening while at the same time recognizing that our lives are in danger from dangerous scumfuck racists (many of whom wear police and military uniforms, judges robes, and suits and ties) in this country each and every day. i’ve been on the receiving end of racist violence more than once. i can promise you that at no time during any of those attacks did i even think for one second what the deeper societal meaning, causes, or repercussions would be. all i cared about was escaping or disabling my attacker in order to fucking survive.

      if you truly want people to unite and see through this deception, where are your comments directed to the fucking racists who are jumping through every hoop imaginable to defend this fucking murderer zimmerman, such as nomad? perhaps you think the only people who need your “unite” message are the ones who see the killing as a racist act , but not the ones who see it as a justified act. we both know it was a pre-planned event, but only one of us is willing to call it a racist act, despite the facts and logic that clearly indicate that it was.


  7. xxx, your posts are impossible to get through. It outrages me that you and others have fallen into this completely transparent trap laid by the media to set America back by inventing racial division. It created unnecessary tension to those more susceptible, and people need to realize this. I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist in America, but why are we perpetuating the idea at an undue segment in our country’s development?

    • “I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist in America, but why are we perpetuating the idea at an undue segment in our country’s development?”

      excuse me, are you aware that your country has numerous military campaigns in progress against countries which have not attacked the US? did you know that’s the highest crime in the world – a crime against humanity? did you know they are murdering brown people and brown people only?

      did you know that there was one and only one mainstream presidential candidate against your racist wars? the media called him a racist.

      yes, i am aware that this whole martin/zimmerman thing is a show, a setup. martin’s dad is a mason, zimmerman’s dad is a mason. this is a family dispute.

      but i am also aware of the fact that those of us who point out the racism are constantly being told to “look beyond,” while the insane racists hicks go around telling us that martin deserved to die because he drank sizzurp and smoked pot – and get told nothing.

      trayvon martin had a right to be there. he had a right to not be stalked by a wanna-be cop loser. he had a right to defend himself.

      zimmerman did not live there. he made a conscious choice to be a vigilante. he made a conscious choice to stalk a black child.

      martin is dead and zimmerman is getting thousands in donations.

      so you know what you can do with your “outrage?” i don’t need to tell you how fake and unjustified it is. did you know that sandy hook was just a show? did you know that boston was just a show? did you know that 9/11 was an inside/israeli job? did you know that attacking countries that have not attacked you is a crime? where’s your fucking outrage now?

  8. finally tday got tired of the Mom of the Teen RIP
    so look up for the interview with the StepMom onPiersMorgana and surprise is impossible to find on c nn site or in the web only can be find the andersonC interview with the Stepmother A licia S why ?
    not even can be find on the transcripts of the PiersMorgana interview with Alicia S why?

  9. think so

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