Images 22/4/12


here is my sent a lot of different links and surfed many pages..these pictures were my favorites..not always anything esoteric, barry with an afro for example 🙂

love the “hippy” OWS supporters in black uniforms..hmm?? 🙂


~ by seeker401 on April 22, 2012.

12 Responses to “Images 22/4/12”

  1. Maybe they’re form fitting burqas ! (:

    Barryfro ~ On chalkboard… Eagle Rock High School… We Have Screwdrivers, Vodka, …


  2. “love the “hippy” OWS supporters in black uniforms”

    that’s my people, yo. suited up, ready for action, and opposed to war. unlike the liberals, unlike the conservatives, and unlike nearly everyone else, they are the only ones willing to take action against the wars. it’s true the police sometimes pose as my people, but guess what, they pose as a lot of things, including foundation funded leftists, brain dead rightists, and sometimes .. even bloggers 🙂

    • indeed..i am interested who bought the said uniforms..looks fairly organised 🙂

      • C.I.A.? Soros ? Anonymous ? Oh wait they’re all the same people.
        1 head, many arms.

      • no one ever bought me a black hoodie, a balaklava, or any other piece of the ‘uniform.’ the idea is that if you all look the same, no one person can be identified for, say, burning down the bank. “the person was wearing a black hoodie!” means nothing.

        in terms of “organization” the foundation funded left and right front groups have far, far more of that. do you ever see a black blocer asked his or her opinion on some tv show? no, but you do see leftists and rightists of every pedigree.

        again, some are cops. so are many of the foundation funded leadership, and so are many of the blogs. stones, glass houses, etc.

  3. imho the Ones in the photo look like the are wearing Her and His own clothes dient designs different shades of black lol sound like at E mo or sad goth leven some D ark Tranquility lyrics lol
    We know the important is the b oots
    S eek We YOU got the K G B staff ?

  4. snakes…..reptiles. they really are domminant in elite history. remember the one found on the old queen picture that was painted over? reptiles, dragons……man, theres something to all that shit. and it aint human.

  5. T.S.A. “VIPER” Teams !

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