The demolition of the WTC towers..what was used?


excellent video..they wired it up to be demolished and then used bombs to bring it down..thats pretty undeniable..but 90% of the world cant see it..go figure..its to scary to believe for them..


~ by seeker401 on April 23, 2012.

6 Responses to “The demolition of the WTC towers..what was used?”

  1. and other one
    but one of the D irectors said this :right now or soon We will attain C ritical mass on the PLP that are awake so something gotta g ive

  2. WTC’s subsections were rigged with mini-nukes, thus the tremors, then building started sollapsing by means of controlled demolition.

  3. some excellent footage in this doc. i doubt that any nukes were involved – no need for them really when you have thermite.

    • what about the big blasts at the base..conventional or nukes?

      • where’s the radiation? the cesium? the iodine? we have witnesses – survivors – of the blasts on the lower floors – extremely unlikely they were exposed to nukes. all that had to happen was for core beams to be sliced – you don’t need a nuke for that.

        and of course, the issue of nukes says nothing about who-dun-it.

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