Is there a drone in your neighbourhood? Rise of spy planes exposed after FAA is forced to reveal 63 launch sites across U.S

There are at least 63 active drone sites around the U.S, federal authorities have been forced to reveal following a landmark Freedom of Information lawsuit.

The unmanned planes – some of which may have been designed to kill terror suspects – are being launched from locations in 20 states.

Most of the active drones are deployed from military installations, enforcement agencies and border patrol teams, according to the Federal Aviation Authority.

But, astonishingly, 19 universities and colleges are also registered as owners of what are officially known as unmanned aerial vehicles.

It is thought that many of institutions, which include Cornell, the University of Colorado, Georgia Tech, and Eastern Gateway Community College, are developing drone technology.

There are also 21 mainstream manufactures, such as General Atomics, who are registered to use drones domestically.

As well as active locations, the FAA also revealed 16 sites where licences to use spy planes have expired and four where authorisations have been disapproved, such as Otter Tail County, Minnesota.

The FAA has released a list of all the organizations in the U.S. that are allowed to fly drones. There’s 61 of them, and while it includes the players you’d expect, there are also a lot of random ones that somehow made it.

The list has been made public as a result of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed in January. And it’s not even the full rundown. Anything that flies above 400 feet must have a Certificate of Authorization (COA) from the FAA. There are around 300 COAs currently active, though between 600-750 have been approved since 2006. Sure, you expect the Air Force to be flying drones, but what about Middle Tennessee State University? Or the City of Herington, Kan.


have a look..the states where they can drone..the companies that can drone..and when the hens wake up they will be so shocked at what happened..right under their noses..


~ by seeker401 on April 27, 2012.

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