Zuckerberg will be worth $17.6 billion


Facebook Inc.’s $11.8 billion initial public offering will cement the status of 27-year-old Mark Zuckerberg as one of the world’s richest men and put his social network among the highest-valued companies in the U.S.

Facebook is offering about 337.4 million shares for $28 to $35 each, according to a regulatory filing yesterday. At the upper end of that range, the co-founder’s stake would be $17.6 billion, making him richer than Microsoft Corp.’s Steve Ballmer and Russian steel billionaire Vladimir Lisin, who are both twice his age, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Zuckerberg, who began the service for Harvard classmates as a 19-year-old in his dorm room, built Facebook into the most popular social-networking site in the world, topping 900 million users last quarter. Now he has to prove he has the leadership skills to deliver enough growth to justify the company’s valuation, said Paul Saffo, managing director at Discern Analytics in San Francisco.

“The whole story about the Silicon Valley is hard-working, entrepreneurial tech geeks getting big payoffs,” said Saffo, whose firm provides analytics to institutional investors. “The challenge he has is: Can Mark grow as quickly as his company has grown? And can Mark grow faster than his company has grown? Because, of course, that’s what a leader must do.”


the “smug little shit”..aint that the truth?..there is a bubble in the markets and its a social media bubble..it will end in tears..


~ by seeker401 on May 9, 2012.

4 Responses to “Zuckerberg will be worth $17.6 billion”

  1. 17 billion dollars. Right!
    Create a website: x dollars
    Create a brand: x dollars
    Create a narrative and movie: x dollars

    Have the ability to know way too much information users from all over the planet: PRICELESS !!

    Mark Zuckerberg, “creator” of Facebook.
    What a farce. It would be more truthful to say that Facebook was the creation of some well-funded think-tank associated with Alphabet Soup Agencies. Mark is simply a face of a poster-child, a beneficiary of the Octopi Matrix. If you need other examples of individuals like Mr. Zuckerberg, look at the current President of the United States Inc.

    • out of harvard..no doubt alphabet groups involved..one data base for a 1/6th of the world..gold

      • in yet another of my previous lives (all of which have taken place in this lifetime, oddly enough) i was a biker. i used to hang out at a biker bar. over the years the biker bar transformed into a hipster bar – the rack specifically designed for motorcycle helmets was replaced with ironic pinball machines, for example.

        haven’t been there for years, and then yesterday i overheard a coworker mention the place. i asked if there’s any resemblance to the old biker days left in the place. he said, not really… but he does see mark zuckerberg there from time to time.

        i was sad for a few seconds, and then went about my day…

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