World’s tallest tower Tokyo Skytree opens

Tokyo has unveiled the tallest tower in the world, Japan’s new landmark. The 634-meter Skytree is almost twice as tall as the Eiffel tower, and is ready to welcome visitors – but not acrophobic ones.

Those eager to be among the first to get a stunning view of the city from the broadcasting tower’s observation decks reportedly spent more than a week queuing for coveted tickets. A lucky few won their chance to get sky-high in local lotteries. Some 8,000 visitors are expected to take to the heights on the opening day.

The new structure’s speed elevators need just 50 seconds to take you to the tallest 450-meter observation deck. The tower also has another one, 100 meters below.

Guinness World Records has already recognized the Skytree tower as the tallest in the world. Skytree outbid the Canton Tower in China, which is 600 meters tall and now languishes in second place.

The new tower in Sumida, Tokyo is a cutting-edge achievement. Following last year’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in what is one of the most seismically active regions in the world, engineers had to factor in all possible dangers.

The Skytree replaces the famed 333-meter-tall Tokyo Tower built in 1958 as the main broadcasting unit.


massive phallic symbol for the japanese..the skytree..i think it actually broke down the first time they went to the top!


~ by seeker401 on May 26, 2012.

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