The Informal Anarchist Federation vows warfare on the Olympics

The Informal Anarchist Federation, also known as the “FAI” after its initials in Italian, has been making news across Europe recently following a string of violent and destructive crimes.

Earlier in May, the group claimed responsibility for shooting an Italian nuclear executive in the kneecaps during a drive-by attack, warning in a four-page letter that they would strike the man’s company seven more times.

Just last week, the group also caused severe delays and extensive damage to commuter train services in the United Kingdom after they reportedly set fire to the signaling cables.

Now, with something of a track record and a name behind them, the group is vowing to wage “low level warfare” on the London Olympics.

The British government appears to be taking no chances with the 2012 Olympics, launching what many have described as one of the largest peacetime security initiatives since World War II.  Not only will thousands of agents be performing background checks and security at the event– soldiers and missiles will reportedly be stationed on residential London rooftops to thwart potential airborne attacks.

Whether the anarchist “federation” succeeds in penetrating such security measures remains to be seen.  Without a doubt, however, they will make matters more difficult for the British government, and their actions certainly won’t make the games any safer.

“If they are serious about trying to disrupt the Olympics by using simple techniques such as these,” a private security consultant explained, “they are capable of causing utter havoc.”

Let’s just hope that, in true anarchist spirit, the FAI refuses to join forces with more deadly and established organizations like al-Qaeda, which also reportedly have their sights set on the event.


everyone wants a piece of olympic terror it seems..


~ by seeker401 on May 30, 2012.

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