“No signal” from targeted ET hunt..i am so shocked!


The hunt for other intelligent civilisations has a new technique in its arsenal, but its first use has turned up no signs of alien broadcasts.

Australian astronomers used “very long baseline interferometry” to examine Gliese 581, a star known to host planets in its “habitable zone”.

The hunt for aliens is fundamentally a vast numbers game, so the team’s result should come as no surprise.

Their report, posted online, will be published in the Astronomical Journal.

In recent years, interest in such targeted searches has begun to surge as the hunt for planets outside the Solar System continues to find them at every turn.

Astronomers currently estimate that every star in the night sky hosts, on average, 1.6 planets – implying that there are billions of planets out there yet to be confirmed.

But a number of stars have already been identified as playing host to rocky planets at a distance not too hot and not too cold for liquid water – the first proxy for amenability to life.


they wont find anything..and when they do it will be the same sort of logic that tells us there are millions of earth like planets because of the way they appear as a reflection or shimmer on other objects in space..its total guesswork


~ by seeker401 on June 8, 2012.

5 Responses to ““No signal” from targeted ET hunt..i am so shocked!”

  1. The SETI project began over here and all they received was a transmission Hitler had sent. Apparently it bounced back to Earth several years later.

  2. theyre all watching us….we are the freak show. they arent loud mouths like us humans…

  3. Metric always i though like that there are watching us bumper to bumper in the roads lol

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