Greeks vote for euro as pro-bailout parties claim victory

The conservative party that backs keeping Greece in the eurozone has won the country’s election and immediately proposed forming a pro-euro coalition government.

The development eases, at least briefly, deep fears that the election would unleash an economic tsunami.

As central banks stood ready to intervene in case of financial turmoil, Greece held its second election in six weeks after an inconclusive ballot on May 6.

The vote was seen as crucial since it could determine whether Greece would leave the joint euro currency, a move that would have potentially catastrophic consequences for other ailing European nations and the entire global economy.

With 66 per cent of the vote counted, official results showed the conservative New Democracy winning 30.1 per cent of the vote and 130 of the 300 seats in parliament.

The radical anti-bailout Syriza party had 26.5 per cent and 70 seats and the pro-bailout Socialist Pasok party came in third with 12.6 per cent of the vote and 34 seats.

“I am relieved,” a smiling New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras told Reuters, leaving his office to joyous chants from supporters. “I am relieved for Greece and Europe. As soon as possible we will form a government.”

Samaras said in a speech that the country would honour its commitments to its euro zone partners.

“The Greek people voted today to stay on the European course and remain in the euro zone… there will be no more adventures, Greece’s place in Europe will not be put in doubt,” he said.


well it seems they have just snuck in..but its not the end of it..not even close..things can still come unstuck..even down to voting on the floor..a lot more to play out in this grecian tragedy..


~ by seeker401 on June 18, 2012.

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