Reinhardt Predictions

Some important Reinhardt Predictions regarding labor value, money, drugs, and technology. Reinhardt and I have a sweeping discussion on many pressing trends and issues. In the United States, Europe, and Asia we are splitting the economic pie smaller which means that life support will become harder to obtain for all of us. The alternative of “creating more wealth” does not exist in the lexicon of solution points. We talk about Ross Perot and the Sucking Sound as well as “Presidential Globalism.”


a follow up video by reinhardt and pollock..havent listened to it yet but would interested in a review from someone..


~ by seeker401 on June 18, 2012.

7 Responses to “Reinhardt Predictions”

  1. already wasted enough time on reinhards bullshit. where my doom? back in 09 wasnt it? dow 1000 or some bullshit.

    the only one who made money from reinhards dribble, was reinhardt. if he actually ‘knew’ something, hed be dead.

  2. or was it 08? sat on the fence regarding metals. silver went from $7 to $40. did he call it…..ha! legatus. what have his ‘exposure’ of them led to? who made money from his predictions? NO ONE! well, no one except himself. how many got bitten taking his financial ‘advice’? hahaha! poor buggers. do a search on GLP of peoples opinions who have followed this bullshit prophets advice! hahaha! he clown even advertised for a girlfriend!!! WTF!!

    reinhardt!! lift your game seek. fucken reinhardt…

  3. StructuralRobery great simple truth
    minute19 bring the W orld out of p overty also can be at d istribution of w ealth
    those too i agree i don’t know much about p errot to make any comment about it sorry
    “echnical market crash” in 2014 R p rediction hi M etric R be wrong eh?
    imho Edward P is much rad than R

  4. his last vid intersting NOT APPLY TO YOU GUYS lol but look around
    the B I T E method all over

  5. is a bell toll for r….?

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