Egypt delays declaring winner of Presidential election..decision Sunday..hows that democracy working out for ya?

Egyptian election officials said Wednesday that they were postponing the announcement of a winner in last week’s presidential runoff, saying they needed more time to evaluate charges of electoral abuse that could affect who becomes the country’s next leader.

The commission had been expected to confirm a winner on Thursday and, based on a public vote count confirmed in official news media, to have named Mohamed Morsi, of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The surprise delay intensified a power struggle between the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s military rulers. It came just days after the generals who took over upon the ouster of Hosni Mubarak reimposed martial law, shut down the Brotherhood-led Parliament, issued an interim charter slashing the new president’s power and took significant control over the writing of a new constitution.

The new uncertainty about the presidential election results has only heightened the atmosphere of crisis here and raised deep doubts about Egypt’s promised transition to democracy. The generals had promised to hand over power after the election.

Although the vote count appeared to make Mr. Morsi the winner by a margin of nearly one million votes, his opponent, Ahmed Shafik, has also declared himself the winner. A former air force general and Mr. Mubarak’s last prime minister, Mr. Shafik campaigned as a strongman who could keep the Islamists of the Brotherhood in check. His campaign has filed complaints with the election commission charging the Brotherhood with systematic violations of the electoral laws.

“The Most Dangerous 48 Hours in Egyptian History,” declared the headline on Wednesday across the front page of the flagship state newspaper, Al-Ahram.

Egypt’s election commission announced Thursday that it would delay the official results in the nation’s first contested presidential election until possibly as late as Sunday, fueling already-rampant speculation that the ruling military council may be trying to rig the results.


curious to see what the readers think will happen..does the army want the mubarak stooge or the brotherhood candidate?..time will tell..this is not a new democracy though is it?


~ by seeker401 on June 22, 2012.

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