Lord Monckton breaks down Rio+20


LCM laying down the truth..its not even about the environment any more!


~ by seeker401 on June 28, 2012.

10 Responses to “Lord Monckton breaks down Rio+20”

  1. “The Lords of Creation” pretending to give a shit about the poor, whether it be called climate change or poverty, they will own it all and control it all, but the peasants will pay for it as usual.

  2. http://www.news.com.au/world/americans-favour-obama-to-defend-against-aliens/story-e6frfkyi-1226410853567

    yanks…..god help em..

    • saw that!

      some people have to much time on their hands..but interesting..i wonder who requested that sort of push polling meme filled question..

  3. Off topic, but since you’re the pro w/ symbolism any thoughts on the theme song for the London Olympics from the Muse:


    “I’ll light the fuse/And I’ll never lose/And I choose to survive/Whatever it takes/You won’t pull ahead/I’ll keep up the pace/And I’ll reveal my strength/To the whole human race.”

    I like the Muse as they’ve spoken out about 9-11 truth and have named an album of theirs ‘HAARP’ but the lyrics and tone of this theme song sound creepy to me since many have speculated regarding a false flag during the games. I sure hope that’s not the case…

    • the false flag stuff just wont go away..its almost to obvious now and I sort of expect nothing..but if there was one it would have fingerprints from here to hell..

      i like some of what muse does as well for obvious reasons..but why would the establishment go with such a group? questions..the song sounds a bit weak fwiw 😛

      “light the fuse”..hmmm

      “According to The Associated Press, four additional songs already have been composed specifically for the games and have been recorded by Elton John vs. Pnau, Delphic, Chemical Brothers and Dizzee Rascal. The tracks will be released between July 16 and Aug. 6. The London Olympics from July 27”

      wonder what these brain surgeons will come up with?

  4. LM breaks it down well. Let\’s hope the environmental side gets put back into perspective like he says.

    I think the key point he misses out on is the agenda behind poverty. Yes, we can do something to help lift the majority of the world\’s population into a decent standard of living. However this will not be done for a key reason, the cost of labour. Poverty is the new code word for redistributing wealth… not so poor people can benefit, but so industrialists can move their operations to follow the cheap labour and accessible resources and profit in the process. I hope he comes to realise this is the real agenda.

    • yeah you are totally correct eggins..glad to see people know the game and how its played..cheap labour..

  5. just found a great article on the issue


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