Erdogan: “Those who test Turkey’s might will be put in their place”

‘ Turkey is a state that ruthlessly fights against any manner of terror organization; we don’t shy away from putting rogue states and those that test Turkey’s greatness in their place,’ Tayyip Erdogan pressed during a ceremony introducing Turkey’s first self-produced national aircraft, the Hürkuş (FreeBird).

At the same time, Turkey is not a threat to any nation’s security, Turkish Prime Minister added.

‘ The Turkish Army is one of the world’s strongest armies,’ Erdoğan stated. ‘ We don’t mean to attack anyone. We build to preserve the peace, to fight off threats against our safety and our unity.’

‘ Great states have enemies,’ Recep Tayyip Erdoğan continued. ‘ Those who view these lowly attacks on our ships, [referring to Israel and to Mavi Marmara incident] planes [ referring to Syria and the downed Turkish military jet ] and our flag [ referring to Greek cyprus boy, who was shot 20 years ago trying to down the Turkish flag in Cyprus ] as [a sign of our] weakness are those who lack great states.’

Erdogan’s comments come less than a week after Syria downed a Turkish military jet in the eastern Mediterranean, trigerring a severe Turkey Syria crisis prompting Ankara to warn Assad led Damascus administration of reprisals if Syria violates any of Turkey’s frontiers.


leading the charge to war..did they ever find the pilots from the plane? no? so it may have been unmanned? and just happened to venture into syrian


~ by seeker401 on June 29, 2012.

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