Former ruling party expected to win Mexico vote

The polls closed Sunday evening as Mexicans picked a new president, a three-way race widely expected to sweep its former ruling party back into power amid anxieties about drug violence and a limp economy.

Enrique Peña Nieto of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, known as the PRI, had a big lead in pre-election polls released Wednesday. Mr. Peña Nieto had about 45% support versus 29% for leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador and 24% for Josefina Vázquez Mota, Mexico’s first major female candidate and a member of President Felipe Calderón’s conservative National Action Party, or PAN.

However, the polls assigned undecided voters—as many as 20% of Mexicans—to all candidates, which tends to exaggerate the PRI’s support. So, a victory for the front-runner, Mr. Peña Nieto, is far from assured.

Many eyes, however, weren’t on Mr. Peña Nieto but on Mr. López Obrador, a former Mexico City mayor who narrowly lost the 2006 race and refused to accept defeat. Some in Mexico expected him to challenge another loss this time around, too, adding to election-day tension.

Mexico’s entire congress, town halls across the country, and six governor’s posts were also up for grabs, with the PRI expected to do well at all levels.

Peña Nieto was born in Atlacomulco in the State of Mexico. His father, Gilberto Enrique Peña del Mazo, worked for the Comisión Federal de Electricidad and his mother, María del Perpetuo Socorro Ofelia Nieto Sánchez, was a school teacher.

According to a recent US State Department diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks on 24 May 2011, Pena Nieto “is often referred to as the ‘next president of Mexico.'”


nobody is elected..they are all this guy was..


~ by seeker401 on July 3, 2012.

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