Syrian terrorists use weapons from Switzerland

Investigations by the Swiss newspaper “SonntagsZeitung“, there is evidence on the basis of photographs from the war zone in Syria, that the Syrian terrorists use weapons from Switzerland.

The records, photographs, were made on Thursday in the Syrian village of Marea (Aleppo) and show hand grenades of the type shown OHG92 and SM 6-03-1, which were produced by the government-owned arms manufacturer Ruag.

The weapons are in the hands of the terrorists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). This is explained by from each other independent sources. These weapons could have been smuggled into the country via Turkey.

Last, Qatar had delivered weapons from Swiss production to the Libyan rebels.

“It is fatal, that we export weapons into the powder keg in the Middle East,” commented the Green member of the (SN: Swiss) National Council and Foreign Affairs politician Geri Müller the case towards the “SonntagsZeitung”.

He wants to address this issue at the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Commission. Even the President of the Commission, SVP National Council member Andreas Aebi, gets active: “That will be a topic at the Commission meeting on Monday.”

In addition, the Defence Committees DefC (SIK / CPS) of the Swiss National Council gets also active: “It’s a disaster that Swiss weapons are used in Syria,” said SIK-President Chantal Galladé.


the neutral swiss..not being so neutral?

so how much blood is on their hands..or doesn’t it matter because they are on the side of the “good guys”?


~ by seeker401 on July 3, 2012.

4 Responses to “Syrian terrorists use weapons from Switzerland”

  1. The Swiss have never been “neutral” in the sense most people assume to be. They’ve always done deals with both sides. This is common sense coming from a country that has it’s roots in banking

    • cheers mate..see the breaking story on roger hayes in the UK?

    • it;s not just that they do deals with both sides – those deals are in the service of *one* side. remember the Crypto AG scandal?

      • “It may be the greatest intelligence scam of the century: For decades, the US has routinely intercepted and deciphered top secret encrypted messages of 120 countries. These nations had bought the world’s most sophisticated and supposedly secure commercial encryption technology from Crypto AG, a Swiss company that staked its reputation and the security concerns of its clients on its neutrality. The purchasing nations, confident that their communications were protected, sent messages from their capitals to embassies, military missions, trade offices, and espionage dens around the world, via telex, radio, teletype, and facsimile. They not only conducted sensitive albeit legal business and diplomacy, but sometimes strayed into criminal matters, issuing orders to assassinate political leaders, bomb commercial buildings, and engage in drug and arms smuggling. All the while, because of a secret agreement between the National Security Agency”

        good link xxx

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