I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant


uh huh..can you see what i see?


~ by seeker401 on July 6, 2012.

16 Responses to “I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant”

  1. There is too much to see !!
    Here’s what I find interesting:
    @ 0:21 devil controlling Bush with blood shedding and dollars
    Obama has vampire tooth
    1:29 when apple hit Obama’s foot, there letter on the floor “ LC”
    Why did the lotus scared Obama?
    @ 1:46 graffiti on the wall: Psalm V

    Then destroying the two buildings made the antichrist appear @ 2:07 on a boat with the head of Anubis, the antichrist have all seeing eye and triangle
    @3: 04 the weird shaped planes hit a mosque
    @3:35 a yen yang becomes a full circle
    @5:20 is this the Muslim boy who died @3:14??
    At the end the three pyramids gets destroyed!

  2. I see that announce a war that will destroy all the history that has come down today, reeling, mixing the good with the bad. With the “miracles” that makes Lucifer, reborn, that Jesus will save, those that go with this jesus in disguise, and with all the symbols of the organization of lucifer. That jesus, that Lucifer is raised as his own resurrection, that Jesus is that Lucifer needs to usurp the place of the true Jesus.
    The worldwide war started long ago, yet they have not officially declared simply going from village to village, for the moment, they are usurping, without the majority of mortals realize.
    But there are more wars in the world, which is not seen the blood, and their weapons are substances put into food, or lack of food. drugs through conventional medicine, which creates thousands and thousands of mentally ill; the poisons that are administered in mass populations, or individually, when the particular person has a lot of spiritual strength. Or the psychological, through the media, for example, this video we just saw, and surely rolling all over the world. with over 37,000 visits so far.
    This video seems to me particularly, a hodgepodge disturbing. with simpletons really crappy drawings, filled with attractive bright colors, and lights.
    And I would like to me that my videos will give them much coverage and were analyzed in such detail as this kind of videos.
    But anyway … a woman alone, we know, has always been underrated in this society.
    ah! The most clicked on the series of videos that I have done is, in which my image appears with a tank top. The next videos I will make with that shirt. Heheeee!: With the attractive image of the summer season. And I hope not to reveal my tears among many painful statements that I have no choice but to do, so that the truth comes to light.
    oh, and Jesus, the true Jesus is living the eternal life, and only his presence, radiates majesty, love, peace, wisdom, beauty, Jesus, radiates the love that comes from the Father, the Great Creator, and eternal life.

  3. yes, it’s an overload of images and bright colors. but for starters, the display image is more than stupid. The suffering in the face of the woman who can not hold up his head, the boy near the bottom, just under that about to leave, but in that darkness, highlights the energy and determination that has an arm to stand up, a bottle facing the sun. ¿How!?
    What, are these authors?! They are saying: There go our cartoons made for adults stupid.
    they do not know what love means. they believe that with his black magic, and their murders, can overcome it. in fact, with this video, they are saying they have already overcome the love. They are rotten, and think they’ve got rot to those who love the real Jesus. they take for granted. they believe they have removed the base is sustaining love, hope for humans.

  4. that video is a message from Lucifer, and he is saying: Worship me all! Stupids! what I’m on the way to my throne.
    8th July: More than 800,000 visitors. people flips out with the images, and long ago lucifer knows, everyone has been taught for years through television and Hollywood movies.
    many drawings, many drawings, overload drawings and shapes.
    but without a soul

  5. Forgiveness: 80,000 visits yesterday ..8th July

  6. http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/69158-david-icke-the-perfect-storm-of-hypocrisylies-a-bullshit
    Please Seeker, you who know, the message of David Icke, could you tell me if he has the same ideology that Acharya? is that I hear a lot of videos of David, among other things to improve my English, and the more I can understand, I think I hear he has a similar belief about Jesus.
    and also, many years ago I heard a story: he said that he is Jesus, but I can not see clearly if that’s true, or if these are just malicious interpretations.

    • i dont think icke thinks hes jesus..like many of these guys he has some great messages and some out there ones..he is firmly against AGW so i like him..i dont think he believes in a relegion except that it was created by ancient aliens years ago

  7. Thanks for your help, seeker, and all information you send us constantly every day.
    but I need something more that I can not see clearly: For Icke, Jesus existed, how a person lived in this world and said that God is the Father, or to Icke, Jesus is part of those stories, invented?
    I am also against world government, against the goverment Lucifer, and I see every day everywhere, as is being more and more tangled history, and people are more confused than ever, and some already believe that knows everything.
    and as an example, and referring to the video of this headline, the pyramids were not built by the Illuminati, or Lucifer and his followers, which is the same, nor by the Pharaohs. I’ve said more times here. knowledge left by the builders around the world printed with large stones, is to help uncover the truth to human beings of our time.

  8. You may find the following interesting:


    • thanks mate..

      “In this article, I wish to explore the occult dimensions of the movie and propose an interpretation of symbols which have been, in my view, neglected or left unexplained by others. For this reason, I will not attempt an exhaustive frame-by-frame exegesis; interested readers are referred to Vigilant’s article mentioned above and to the Youtube videos uploaded by “thebarcaroller”.

      The title “I, Pet Goat II” refers to the story read by George W. Bush in a Florida school on the morning on 9/11. The choice of this particular story hints at the ritualistic aspects of the 9/11 terror attack, as documented here and here. The letters “I, Pet Goat II” themselves refer graphically to 9/11, with 9 characters in “I, Pet Goat”, followed by “II”. Furthermore, the title intimates that we are the true “pet goats”, the brainwashed prisoners of the matrix who are destined to become heroes.”

  9. One of the best interpretation of Pet Goat 2 i have seen thus far..

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