Scholars haven’t recognized it, but the Triptych pattern is vastly ancient.

It can be found in temples that predate Christianity by thousands of years.

Highly symbolic and deeply esoteric, the Triptych enshrines a lost magical wisdom-teaching.

This wisdom-teaching has the potential to alter our understanding of Western civilization and change the course of history.

The ruins of Triptychs are still visible all over Egypt.


very interesting site..check out the links..there are a lot pictures and videos to be seen..i think this guy is onto something very real and very hidden..take a look around at your city..see any triptychs?


~ by seeker401 on July 12, 2012.


    the two sides of a door. and there was no sun when they built the settlement, was the dawn of time.
    I was there. I spoke with construcctores. I saw other destroyed the settlement. how were the weapons. And the builders are not those who destroyed it. My experiences on the planet earth, and real dreams, no one can destroy, no illuminati, followers of Lucifer, but they already tried many times to kill me and take my soul. I saw their faces all around me
    Do not confuse those who have worked hard to love to triumph, with which usurp those works to their advantage. Jesus loves us. Lucifer comes to destroy love.

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