ICG: Indonesian electoral roll plagued with errors


An expert on South Asia says Indonesia needs to fix its electoral roll, or risk a constitutional challenge to the next elected president.

The International Crisis Group (ICG) says Indonesia’s list of about 170 million voters is largely inaccurate, with some people listed multiple times.

The group’s South Asia analyst Achmad Sukarsono says in Jakarta alone the number of registered voters far exceeds the number of voting age people.

He says the problem is countrywide and as there is no clear frontrunner for the 2014 Presidential elections, if it is not fixed, there is a valid case for a constitutional challenge.

“We do not have a really strong candidate,” Mr Sukarsono said.

“The gap between one candidate and the other candidate will be very tight.

“It can mean a repeat of the election, it can mean a re-run, it can mean many things.”

He says the electoral commission only has about two years to come up with an accurate way of registering voters.


the ICG..just another alphabet group..this time they are setting Indonesia up for rebellion..i have mentioned this a few times over the years that indonesia is a target for the west..the numbers look dodgy..no doubt..but any dodgier than florida?


~ by seeker401 on July 14, 2012.

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