9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out

Join 23-year architect Richard Gage, AIA, in this feature length documentary with cutting-edge 9/11 evidence from more than 50 top experts in their fields – high-rise architects, structural engineers, physicists, chemical engineers, firefighters, metallurgists, explosives experts, controlled demolition technicians, and more.

Each is highly qualified in his/her respective fields. Several have Ph.D’s – including National Medal of Science awardee Lynn Margulis.

She, along with the other experts, exposes the fraud of NIST and discusses how the scientific method should have been applied and acknowledges the overwhelming evidence of high temperature incendiaries in all dust samples of the WTC.

High-rise architects and structural engineers layout the evidence in the features of the destruction of these three high-rises that point inevitably to explosive controlled demolition.


911 CNN Dick Oliver; “some people said they saw a missile”

9/11 Missile Attack

911 attack first hour

Plane In, Plane Out, Plain Truth; it didn’t happen!


thanks to xxx for the first link..whilst perusing youtube i found some other videos which just cause more questions than answers..the crime of the century..was this..

add this one to the list as well: http://vimeo.com/45643645


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  1. After viewing – 9/11 “KITE PLANE MUST HIT STEEL” What were the children saying again? on FTM … I firmly believe 9/11 is the day the global economy was delivered over to Demonic Powers to prepare the way for the Ruler of this World.
    9/11 was a Satanic ritual offering up human sacrafice. We no longer live in a world that is simply devoid of ethics and morals, we live in a world in which war has been declared on the innocent by outright unrestrained corruption, unleashed with a vengence, determined to steal, destroy or kill all who oppose their lust and greed for power in the service of their Satanic Master. Entire countries are being plundered blatantly, the consequences of which will be unparalled in history, there is no safe haven on this planet from the evil that has been unleashed by this beast.

    Insider Trading
    Pre-9/11 Put Options on Companies Hurt by Attack Indicates Foreknowledge


    9/11 “KITE PLANE MUST HIT STEEL” What were the children saying again?


    • mate, very well said..wether you are a christian, pagan, atheist.. whatever.. something changed that day..and for the worse..

  2. These demonic, motherless, bastards could care less whether you are a christian, pagan, atheist.. they are here to destroy the entire human race if necessary. The line of Cain now dominates politics, finance and military and will bring entire nations to their knees.

  3. Many Wall Street executives says wrongdoing is necessary: survey


    • “A quarter of Wall Street executives see wrongdoing as a key to success, according to a survey by whistleblower law firm Labaton Sucharow released on Tuesday.

      In a survey of 500 senior executives in the United States and the UK, 26 percent of respondents said they had observed or had firsthand knowledge of wrongdoing in the workplace, while 24 percent said they believed financial services professionals may need to engage in unethical or illegal conduct to be successful.”

  4. If this is truly revealed to be staged, then what other lies have we been told ? How can trust be restored after a series of untruths that have been told by whom? Roswell, advanced tech, JKF, the war in Iraq, Bin-hiden, NWo, Nibiru…the list goes on!

  5. Even the exclusive shot of the first plane hitting the tower was staged.

    I am very familiar with the WTC having worked there for years and I knew when I first seen that footage, it was very suspicious because there are only a few locations where it would be possible to get a limited view of a plane flying at 500 miles per hour. You would hear the sound of the plane but it would not be visible when you are standing on a corner surrounded by tall buildings. The shot was prepped and timed or it was a miracle.



  6. listen carefully at at 1:04, listen carefully, did George Bush say ”first of all i want to thank you all for practicing rituals’ ??

    911 Was An Occult Human Sacrifice Mega-Ritual

  7. you’re right, Rev. I was there before they throw the towers, and I could not see more than one and that was a very tall building so I realized it was New York where I was. Also, if you worked there, you know, people are going very fast and does not listen or look, and if someone does, even if they heard that there will happen something very serious, and should not approach anyone in this building , people act as if they did not see or would hear nothing, and they move on.
    It’s a shame we do not hear or read in depth. If we do not follow our heart, repeats, and repeats the same old and tragic history.
    and people forget to seek the truth, is what interests them

  8. Psychopaths Caused the Financial Crisis … And They Will Do It Again and Again Unless They Are Removed From Power

    Posted on January 3, 2012 by WashingtonsBlog
    Psychopaths Caused the Financial Crisis – Bloomberg notes:
    The “corporate psychopaths” at the helm of our financial institutions are to blame [for the financial crisis].
    Clive R. Boddy, most recently a professor at the Nottingham Business School at Nottingham Trent University, says psychopaths are the 1 percent of “people who, perhaps due to physical factors to do with abnormal brain connectivity and chemistry” lack a “conscience, have few emotions and display an inability to have any feelings, sympathy or empathy for other people.”
    As a result, Boddy argues in a recent issue of the Journal of Business Ethics, such people are “extraordinarily cold, much more calculating and ruthless towards others than most people are and therefore a menace to the companies they work for and to society.”
    How do people with such obvious personality flaws make it to the top of seemingly successful corporations? Boddy says psychopaths take advantage of the “relative chaotic nature of the modern corporation,” including “rapid change, constant renewal” and high turnover of “key personnel.” Such circumstances allow them to ascend through a combination of “charm” and “charisma,” which makes “their behaviour invisible” and “makes them appear normal and even to be ideal leaders.”


    ‘When the Old Testament was translated, the word `Serpent `was converted from the Hebrew `Nachash,` which means enchanter or magician. I concur with Pastor Comparet when he suggests that we are dealing with a `Fallen Angel,` namely Lucifer, though now corporeal, who still retained some if not all of his Angelic powers, and could no doubt appear both enchanting and seductive to a hitherto pure and naïve girl like Eve.’

    This is the line of Cain who killed his own brother without remorse. He was the son of his father Satan – The Enchanter who seduced Eve.

    I repeat … We no longer live in a world that is simply devoid of ethics and morals, we live in a world in which war has been declared on the innocent by outright unrestrained corruption, unleashed with a vengence, determined to steal, destroy or kill all who oppose their lust and greed for power in the service of their Satanic Master.

    • “Boddy says psychopaths take advantage of the “relative chaotic nature of the modern corporation,” including “rapid change, constant renewal” and high turnover of “key personnel.” Such circumstances allow them to ascend through a combination of “charm” and “charisma,” which makes “their behaviour invisible” and “makes them appear normal and even to be ideal leaders.”

      very true..

      • Psychopaths Caused the Financial Crisis … And They Will Do It Again and Again Unless They Are Removed From Power

        Unfortunately it will require a more powerful psychopath to remove them from power.

  9. Good post Rev..

    Clive Boddy forgot – without the treasonous acts of every nations’ leaders, none of it could take place! Somehow, I have a feeling the whole ‘corporations’ are people stuff has something to do with these kinds of articles – blame the ‘person’ and not capitalism.

  10. The one to blame sits at the front of the class, whose face contorts strangely as the key words are recited.

  11. Top 11 things to ignore if you want to be a good little 9/11 ‘truther’….

    1. Stephen E Jones’ connection to cold fusion.

    2. Gage’s alleged admission that he doesn’t know how to interpret seismic data – despite being an architect from, ahem, San Francisco.

    3. AE9/11’s request for correction (RFC) to NIST which failed to mention thermite, despite thermite being the main basis for their entire controlled demo truth movement. Why such reluctance?

    4. Dr Judy Wood received no publicity or support from the official 9/11 truth movement when she sued NIST’s contractors for science fraud. Why not? Surely a ‘9/11 truth movement’ would support and publicise anyone challenging the official story? Instead, mentioning Dr Wood’s research (ie 500 pages of forensic evidence) or anything to do with directed energy results in getting banned and censored from AE911 truth website. User profiles are also censored apparently (so as not to ‘confuse people’ or something ridiculous).

    5. The leaders of the official 9/11 truth movement demands a proper independent forensic investigation into 9/11 – which is in itself an admission that they are not capable of performing such an investigation themselves. Why not? They are supposed to be a bunch of experts and professionals in their fields right?

    6. The leaders of the official 9/11 truth movement demands a proper independent forensic investigation into 9/11 yet they totally ignore and dismiss Dr Wood’s book which is…… cue fanfare of trumpets……. a proper forensic investigation into 9/11 based on 100% physical evidence. Makes you wonder if they really care about looking at the evidence at all….

    7. The leaders of the official 9/11 truth movement ridicule and dismiss any mention of directed energy in relation to 9/11 as if it was a ‘wacky theory’ repeatedly using the phrase ‘Dr Wood’s theories about ray beams from outer space’. But Dr Wood has never used this phrase herself and only refers to a type of directed energy involving ‘field effects’ such as the Hutchison Effect (a well studied phenomenon). Why do professionals and scientists keep using such demeaning (and unscientific) terminology when referring to Dr Wood’s research? Directed Energy is hardly a ‘sci fi’ concept. It is the 21st century after all! Are they trying to put people off looking at the evidence Dr Wood has compiled… if so why? (evidence = truth, right?)

    8. This consistent ridicule of directed energy is even more disturbing when you consider that two of NIST’s contractors (ARA and SAIC) who were used for the 9/11 investigation are known to be involved in directed energy technology. ARA even co-founded the ‘Directed Energy Professionals Society’. It would seem that directed energy is not such a ‘kooky’ subject after all, so why do the leaders of the 9/11 truth movement ridicule it as if it were? Surely they’re not trying to throw everyone off the scent and lead them round in circles chasing a bogus thermite theory until everyone gets bored or frustrated and no one cares about 9/11 anymore….

    9. Soon after 9/11 a controlled demo expert Van Romero was on TV claiming he thought the WTC’s were brought down by carefully placed explosives. He later retracted this assessment before being awarded a big government grant. It seems he was paid to keep his mouth shut….. well it certainly would appear that way on the surface….. yet apparently before 9/11 he was going around lecturing on directed energy weapons. Just another coincidence involving directed energy I guess. It’s such a small world!

    10. Why are the leaders of the official 9/11 truth movement so obsessed with thermite when we all know that thermite can’t dustify steel in mid air (plus thermite produces loads of light and heat)? Why don’t they formally submit any evidence of thermite if the case for thermite is so strong? Why do they conduct all of their legal proceedings off US soil?

    11. Why do the official 9/11 truth movement completely ignore tons of hard evidence such as the seismic data, the Alaskan university magnetometer data, the ‘toasted cars’, the lack of debris, the bizarre deformation of materials, the lack solid plugs of cooled metal where the molten metal was supposed to be, the bizarre case of Banker’s Trust which suffered strange deformation of steel beams (but no fires) and was repaired, but later suffered a strange ‘infection’ and was then completely dismantled piece by piece, the warm but not hot dust cloud, the 14 survivors of Stairwell B in the core of the north tower? (why weren’t these survivors showered with thermite and incinerated? And why weren’t they buried under 500,000 tons of debris?)…. etc.

    Anyway, we should ignore all this because it’s not part of the officially approved 9/11 truther script.

    The official 9/11 truther script basically involves chanting “9/11 was an inside job, 9/11 was an inside job, 9/11 was an inside job!’ over and over and over again while handing over your thinking to a bunch of total strangers who claim to be acting on your behalf as self appointed ‘leaders’.


    “Do you think the people who planned 9/11 forgot to plan a cover story?’ – Dr Judy Wood

    • nice reply ..so where do you stand on it?..i have no doubt 911 truth has been infiltrated..thats a given..i make up my own mind on evidence i see..so tell me your 911 story..

      • My 9/11 story?

        Well for a long time I had no opinion and I didn’t know about building 7 etc. Then I started to see videos on the web talking about controlled demolition and thermite and that seemed like the most reasonable explanation for a while.

        But then I came across a bunch of other evidence and realised thermite doesn’t make any sense at all. Go look at any thermite reaction – it’s extremely hot and bright. A sparkler (the thing you wave on fireworks night) is basically thermite reaction. Thermite is an incendiary which means it melts things. Thermite is used to weld railroad tracks. In the war they had thermite in their operations rooms. If they were about to be invaded by the enemy they would set off the thermite as they fled and it would burn all the top secret paperwork. Yet the only thing which DID survive 911 was paper!

        Suppose for the sake of argument thermite was used on every column on every floor to sever each columns (as required for vertical destruction, not tipping over to one side). That’s 47 core columns + 220 outer columns X 110 floors = 29,370 thermite reactions – each one capable of melting up to 5 inch thick steel columns instantly all going off at about the same time. That would have turned to towers into giant ‘sparklers’ 1300ft tall and 200 ft wide. They would have burned like the sun and melted most of lower Manhattan. The dust cloud would have been hotter than the air inside a kiln (after all kilns don’t ever get hot enough to melt steel).

        But we know that didn’t happen. The dust which rolled through the streets was only ‘warm’. It did not burn anyone. And 14 people survived at the base of WTC1’s core which was the ‘spire’ which we saw turn to dust and drop down vertically. They were not incinerated by 29,370 thermite reactions raining molten metal down on their heads. And they were not buried under 500,000 tons of debris either. Soon after the towers ‘went away’ they saw sunlight streaming in from above them and half of them managed to crawl out by themselves. They were (like everything else) covered in dust, but not burned. The spire appeared to drop straight down yet we don’t see it at the base of WTC1 (11 miles of box columns in total). We only see a few core box columns sticking up (see photo below). This is because as it dropped down it was being dustified, just as the majority of the rest of the towers had been seconds earlier.

        Wherever you’re sitting right now imagine a steel framed tower 110 floors (1300ft) tall sitting above your head. Now imagine it being melted in 10 seconds by thermite and then falling down at near free fall speed, but not burning your head and not crushing you and not burying you in tons of debris. That’s ludicrous! In fact imagine you’re able to crawl UP and pop out of a hole no more than about 30 ft above you. That’s what happened to the 14 survivors of Stairwell B, North Tower.

        Those towers did not melt and they did not collapse. They were turned to dust in mid air. And this is what the video footage shows. Thermite cannot turn things steel and concrete to dust, and do it without producing any light or heat.

        But thermite is a useful cover story to account for all the dustified steel (which is mostly iron) and dustified aluminium (the cladding). And the rumours of heat in the basements was a useful cover story to account for the fuming at ground zero which carried on for months and years. That wasn’t steam or smoke rising from ground zero, it was fumes from continued molecular disassociation produced by directed energy.

        That’s also why they trucked in loads of top soil dumped it onto ground zero and then scooped it up and trucked it out again. This dumping/ scooping process went on for years. They were trying to soak up the remaining molecular disassociation. It’s also why Bankers Trust was repaired but then had to be dismantled again piece by piece. It got infected during the destruction of the towers. When they took it apart all the beams were rusted. The building was slowly dustifying.

        If the WTC basements had been 2000 degrees or whatever then the water from the fire hoses would have boiled or caused steam explosions. Didn’t happen. And the molten metal would have cooled to form plugs of previously molten metal. None were found. The firemen’s boots were melting but not because of heat but because of molecular dissociation. The famous photo of the firemen peering into an orange glowing hole of ‘molten core’ was just hole in the debris with a spotlight shining in it. Someone had altered the color balance to make the spotlight’s light look orange. The original is on Dr Wood’s website somewhere.

        Follow the steel debris as it falls through the air. Each piece of steel is turning to dust like an effervescent tablet dropped into a glass of water. Thermite can’t do that.

        This is a picture of WTC1 (north tower) taken on 9/11. Note tiny debris pile which barely reaches to the top the lobby. Note the big core columns sticking out of the ground. The ‘spire’ rose up from there. Where is the rest of the 11 miles of core columns? 14 people survived inside that stump. If it had been a gravity collapse due to jet fuel or thermite then they would have been buried (and crushed) under a couple of hundred feet of debris at least. If thermite had been used they would have also been incinerated.

        Notice the ambulance parked at street level. Why is it not buried under 500,000 tons of debris? Why is its roof not even dented (or burned)? Notice the pieces of aluminium cladding lying on the ground….. but where’s the steel and concrete?

        Now go onto AE911 truth and start talking about these things and see if people thank you for highlighting important evidence…… or if you get censored and banned.

        People who defend the official story (jet fuel etc) only do so because they’ve already made their mind up that the government wouldn’t lie to them. Their arguments are not based on the evidence or logic.

        People who defend the official alternative story (thermite etc) only do so because they’ve already made their mind up that the truth movement wouldn’t lie to them. Their arguments are not based on the evidence or logic.

        Jet fuel believers don’t want to admit they were wrong or that they were misled, and neither to thermite believers. It’s just human nature. Instead of looking at the evidence you defend the truth movement from my ‘attack’. Once you feel it has been defended you feel safe again.

        And soon 9/11 will become just another topic for casual after dinner conversation, like JFK or the moon landings….. and know one will have a clue what really happened. And the free energy technology which could liberate the world will never be exposed, and we will keep being forced to use over priced century old energy technology like oil and gas… and now windmills! ….as we are sent back into the dark ages as per Agenda 21 et al.

        The end 😉

        • bitching amongst 911 truth seekers is always going to waste time..focus on the perpetrators..

    • “Do you think the people who planned 9/11 forgot to plan a cover story?”

      indeed, they had one. it’s called the official story, wherein 19 arab hijackers and their handlers in caves were responsible.

      and when that didn’t fly, they had to do whatever they could to discredit and destroy the 9/11 truth movement. and one of their most successful tactics has been to flood blogs and boards with alternative theories and disinformation such as “no planes” and “energy weapons.”

      now, i’m not saying that energy weapons weren’t used. just like the questions about controlled demolition and the melting point of steel, none of these queries actually tell you who did the deed. (perhaps evil arabs got ahold of an energy weapon! perhaps the evil arabs were demolition experts! etc.)

      1. cold fusion is quote possibly real. as i recall, dr. jones went through a horrendous process of being discredited (mainly by lying scum from MIT) only to have a good deal of his work validated by provate researchers in italy and japan.

      2. seismologists are experts in interpreting seismic data, not architects. in fact, it would be dangerous for a san francisco architect to claim to be a seismic expert.

      3. much like a court case, NIST won’t deal with an RFC that addresses an issue which was not covered in their report. as we all know, NIST refused to look for evidence of thermite because they dismissed the possibility of demolition out of hand.

      4. there is no “offical” 9/11 truth movement. dr. wood is free to publish what she wants, and AE4911truth can reject it. no one is required to support you just because you give yourself the 9/11 truth label.

      5. people a demanding a new OFFICIAL investigation. private efforts have been ongoing for over 10 years now.

      6. it’s highly unlikely that a “proper forensic investigation” could be conducted by a single person when such an investigation would require experts in several disciplines.

      7. occam’s razor. the collapse of the towers is consistent with controlled demolition via explosives. it might also be consistent with cutting edge directed energy weapons. occam’s razor.

      8. you will also find more than one connection between NIST and the manufacturers of nanothermite.

      9. so what?

      10. the light and heat have been demonstrated repeatedly. they HAVE made a formal declartion – a peer-reviewed scientific study. regarding offshore legal actions, link please.

      11. such anomalies have been found in many places. the invasion of panama saw many melted cars.

      the issue of HOW the towers were taken down obscure the much more important question of WHO took the towers down.

      i think that any reasonable analysis of the event will come to the conclusion that the israelis were highly involved, if not being behind the operation completely. both thermite and directed energy are consistent with the capabilities of the zionists – so really the only reason to create a fight between seemingly compteting factions of the 9/11 truth movement is to obscure who actually did the deed.

      sorry if i upset your hasbara masters. seek’s a lot more tolerant than i am 🙂

      • i knew you were the man to handle this one xxx..it was only a matter of time 🙂

        • this..

          “the issue of HOW the towers were taken down obscure the much more important question of WHO took the towers down”

  12. “the issue of HOW the towers were taken down obscure the much more important question of WHO took the towers down”

    Is that right? Are you sure about that?

    Imagine you’re a detective. You find the dead body of wealthy businessman slumped in an alley way. Instead of doing a proper autopsy to determine the cause of death you immediately start hunting down the victim’s killer.

    After years of painstaking detective work you narrow it down to two suspects who were both spotted near the scene of the crime. One is a gun owner and the other has a half empty bottle of poison in his garage.

    Which one killed the victim?

    Oops, you never examined the body of the victim to determine how he died… you didn’t think it mattered.

    “How can you accuse someone of a crime if you don’t even know what the crime was?” – Dr Judy Wood

    She’s a smart lady (in a dumbed down world). Why not take a month off from following Gage, Jones et al and check out what she has to say? Sounds like an advert, take the Pepsi challenge! LOL 🙂

    • dont assume you know me..i dont follow jones..and i have read woods material..like i said..i dont really care how they came down( its another rabbit hole)..i care about who did it and its the question you seem to ignore..but you cant put explosives on trial for treason..you can put people on trial though 🙂

      • Yeah sorry, I didn’t mean to insinuate things about you just because you posted that video. Please read my comments as being directed more at anyone who follows Gage, Jones etc rather than you specifically.

        But my main point is not about people, it’s about sticking to the evidence and reason.

        If you went back in time and isolated everyone who was questioning the 9/11 official story and researching the event for on the internet, I wonder how many of them would come to the conclusion of thermite ON THEIR OWN (without the help of Jones et al).

        After all, thermite is an incendiary, not an explosive. Thermite is used to weld railroad tracks, burn paper and produce bright hand held sparklers on fireworks night. But as we all know, the towers were not melted, the paper was not burned and there was no light or heat produced.

        Thermite also does not (as far as we know) disrupt the earth’s magnetic field or ‘toast’ cars or cause buildings to ‘rustify’ years after the event.

        Yet millions of people have been convinced that thermite was used on 9/11. I don’t think THEY really think this. I think they’ve let OTHER PEOPLE reach this conclusion on their behalf…. people who act like they are leading the so called ‘truth movement’.

        If you ask a thermite believer what reason and evidence there is to support thermite they won’t be able to tell you. The towers did not melt, they turned to dust in mid air. And the process (whatever it was) was essentially cold. Thermite can’t cut steel instantly, and even if super duper nano thermite paint can cut steel instantly the amount of heat required to do this approximately 29.370 times (every column on every floor) would have incinerated all of lower Manhattan and burned as bright as the sun for 10 seconds.

        All of this reason and evidence rules out thermite.

        Whoever turned those towers to dust would presumably WANT everyone to accuse them of using thermite. This is because they could easily disprove thermite was used in a court of law and therefore walk free (and essentially destroy the truth movement in the process).

        If a murderer strangles a victim to death it would be in his interests to spread rumours that the victim had been shot. Then, if anyone accuses him of shooting the victim he can say to them – “But look at the evidence, there was no bullet hole and no gunshot heard”. And he will walk free.

        As long as everyone is chanting “thermite” the perps (whoever they are) are happy.

      • is dr. judy wood a zionist? sorry, but i am back to thinking you are a hasbara shill.

        “I wonder how many of them would come to the conclusion of thermite ON THEIR OWN”

        irrelevant – how many people would come to the conclusion of directed energy weapons on their own without help from judy wood?

        “But as we all know, the towers were not melted, ”

        falsehood and misdirection on your part. thermite has the demonstrated ability to cut through steel. cutting through the supprot diagonally is consistent with both the use of thermite and the beams which were found cut in precisely that way.

        “there was no light or heat produced”

        the hasbara tactic of saying things that are patently false in an attempt to make them appear true is a classic hasbara tactic. we’ve all seen the light that was produced.

        “I think they’ve let OTHER PEOPLE reach this conclusion on their behalf….”

        just as dr. judy wood is an “other” person. irrelevant.

        “If you ask a thermite believer what reason and evidence there is to support thermite they won’t be able to tell you.”

        you are lying. the primary evidence is the ferrous and aluminum nodules found in the samples obtained by dr. stephen jones which are consistent with the presence of nano thermite.

        again, hasbara tactics won’t work here.

        “Thermite can’t cut steel instantly, and even if super duper nano thermite paint can cut steel instantly the amount of heat required to do this approximately 29.370 times (every column on every floor) would have incinerated all of lower Manhattan and burned as bright as the sun for 10 seconds.”

        and your scientific credentials are…?

        “All of this reason and evidence rules out thermite.”

        all you’ve done is lie and speculate. that doesn’t rule anything out, sorry.

        “This is because they could easily disprove thermite was used in a court of law and therefore walk free ”

        what court case? what suspects?

        as previously demonstrated, all three main suspects are strongly related, and all three have access to both nanthermite and directed energy weapons.

        i’m curious, who do you think brought down the towers? the evidence says clearly that it was the israelis. who do you and dr. judy wood think did it?

    • no response to my hasbara comment, eh?

      your analogy is conveniently flawed. all three suspects – extremely rich evil arabs, the usgovt, and the israelis – could have conceivably obtained directed energy weapons, especially since all three are allied in various ways.

      and the same applies to the thermite discussion. it’s certainly interesting, but it contributes only very little to the question of who did it – sophisticated labs would be required to make nanothermite so some kind of state involvement is indicated, but again the same is true of directed energy weapons.

      as i said before, i’m perfectly willing to believe directed energy was used. (em energies are being used against all of us 24/7 btw, but that’s another story.) however, it doesn’t *really* help me answer the question the question of who did it.

      for that, we would have to ask very obvious questions, such as who benefited? what possible motive(s) could there be? did any of the possible suspects have the means to pull it off?

      we need a free flow of information in the so-called “9-11 truth movement.” i have seen some impressive work by supporters of the “no planes” theories that brings new facts to light, though not necessarily ones that makes me believe in “no planes.” that guy who makes videos about how he thinks maurice strong and his family portray various characters on tv news shows (lunacy, imho) is also one of the first people to highlight the (perfectly real) fact that there were actors pre-placed on 9/11 to say things to news organizations. there are also the “it was an occult ritual” people who have provided us with much evidence that makes us go “hmmmmm.”

      so dr. wood should keep investigating, and so should the no-planers, and so should richard gage and stephen jones, and so should the “it wasn’t an occult ritual”people.” we should all be seeking the truth. i feel like the common enemy to truth consists of the gatekeepers to official-story-land, since we all agree that the official story cannot be true.

      i simply wish the focus was on the who did it question, because it seems damn obvious to me.

  13. @xxx

    Please go and look at videos of thermite being used to cut (or half cut) steel beams. (skip to halfway mark for reactions). Notice the massive amounts of light and heat produced – sparks flying everywhere. You wouldn’t want to stand too close to that reaction (or underneath it).

    And those are just examples tiny slices through thin steel beams. In reality the WTC towers had 47 box columns which were made out of steel 5 inches thick as well as over 200 outer box columns also made out of thick steel.

    So if thermite was used to destroy the towers you would need to multiply the amount of light and heat we see making a tiny cut in a thin piece of steel (in the video above) by a factor of 50 or 100 or maybe even 1000 or more to get enough heat for instantaneous cutting of up top 5 inch thick steel box columns a couple of feet across.

    Then you would need to multiply this again by approximately 29,370 allowing for each column to be melted (sliced) on each floor in order to create a vertical drop of the towers at near free fall speed.

    So that’s up to 30,000 massive thermite reactions all of which are many hundreds of times hotter and brighter than the reaction shown in the video above. All going off at the same time.

    And yet we don’t see a single drop of molten, glowing metal (except for a few blobs coming out of one corner of the South tower while it was still standing). During both towers destruction we see steel turning to dust in mid air but not a single sign of any hot and bright thermite reaction at all.


    The floors were being destroyed at an average rate of 1 floor every 0.1 seconds. Don’t you think you’d see JUST A BIT of an orange or white glow if 47 box columns and 200 outer box columns were all being simultaneously sliced (melted) every 0.1 seconds?

    And we know that 14 people survived in WTC1’s core stairwell. Did molten metal from 30,000 massive simultaneous thermite reactions rain down onto their heads?

    I don’t think so. They were not even burned.

    Was the dust cloud searingly hot, having just been produced from 30,000 massive thermite reactions a few seconds earlier?

    No. People standing right next to the towers (or inside them) got totally covered in dust, yet none of them were burned. A burn from an ordinary house fire can burn someone’s face off but apparently 30,000 thermite reactions hot enough to instantly melt through 5 inch thick steel beams is not hot enough to even set anyone’s hair or clothes on fire. And ground zero was covered in unburned paper too.

    Face it, the thermite hypothesis just does not stand up to scrutiny.

    The towers were made of steel (which is mostly iron) with aluminium cladding and they were turned for the most part to fine dust (much of this dust was nano sized). The towers were ‘dustified’ in mid air by some kind of ‘cold’ process (ie not an incendiary). No one knows exactly how. All we know is that they were turned to dust in mid air.

    This is why ground zero was covered in iron and aluminium dust. The dust is not thermite. The dust comes from the towers themselves! Thermite is the cover story used to account for this because jet fuel gravity collapses can’t grind steel and aluminium to nano sized dust.

    But thermite makes absolutely no sense whatsoever because no heat or light was generated during the towers’ destruction.

    Thermite is cover story number 2 for people who don’t buy cover story number 1 (gravity collapse from jet fuel fires).

  14. What does “brought down” 3 buildings on 9/11 actually mean?

    Do you mean a theory about melting the steel of those buildings (with up to 30,000 separate thermite reactions per tower)?
    Do you mean the video footage of the steel being dustified in mid air?
    Do you mean someone made the buildings feel more depressed? (sorry!)
    Do you mean 3 buildings …… or 7 buildings (WTC 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 all of which suffered bizarre destruction on 9/11)?
    Do you mean the toasted cars up to half a mile away?
    Do you mean the ‘infected’ Bankers Trust which had to be dismantled piece by piece several years later?

    To accuse someone of a crime you have to know what crime you are accusing them of.

    “Fraud” is not a crime, it is a TYPE of crime. You can’t just accuse someone of ‘fraud’, you have to also know the specifics involved, such as the exact amount of money which was moved from one account to another account, with evidence of these transactions having taken place, signatures, receipts, phone calls, emails etc.

    “Bringing down 3 buildings” or “mass murder” or “destroying the twin towers” is not a crime it is a TYPE of crime. If you accuse someone of any of these vague crimes you have to also know the specifics involved otherwise you’re not really accusing them of anything.

    You might as well just accuse them of being ‘naughty’ on 9/11.

    We CAN determine WHAT happened on 9/11 (such as buildings turning to dust in mid air) without needing to first determine WHO caused it to happen. The evidence tells us WHAT happened.

    We CAN’T determine WHO did something without first determining WHAT it was they did.

    It is a logical impossibility.

    John did X
    What is X?
    I don’t know
    Then how can you say that john did it?
    You’re right I can’t.

    See what I mean?

    We can however say that certain people had close connections with various events connected to 9/11, but that’s not quite the same thing.

    It’s important to separate what we can know and prove, and what we can’t know and prove. Making vague accusations (example: “Bush did 9/11”) can only lead nowhere…… which is why we are encouraged to keep making them, instead of focusing on the evidence.

  15. this is a good exercise for people who want to see how hasbara shill logic goes. it’s a variation on the delphi technique, only it is being applied not just to a single forum or comment block, but to an entire movement.

    notice how the hasbara shill outright ignores the questions that are put to him/her, and the furthers his/her pathetic attempt at misdirectio with outright falsehood and illogic.

    i asked if dr. jusy wood is a zionist. no answer. and yet, the directed energy theorists speak endless about the qualifications, connections, and background of dr. stephen jones. they seem to think those things are relevant to the discussion.

    so, i ask again, is dr. judy wood a zionist, or not? and i will add the following question, are*you*, abadon tv, are *you* a zionist? if you simply sidestep the question yet again, we will all know that you are not being honest and truthful.

    “They would have burned like the sun and melted most of lower Manhattan”

    i realize that from your point of view, goyim are considered stupid cattle. that’s probably the reason you think you can get away with outright lies and falsehoods.

    according to you, the amount of thermite necessary to cut several dozen steel beams would also be enough to “melt…most of lower Manhattan.” as anyone with basic knowledge of material reality can tell you, that is wholly illogical and unreasonable.

    a lot of sparkler-type light was seen during the collapse of the building. most of that actio would be happening *inside* the building, and therefore out of the view of those that were on the outside.

    according to your twisted hasbara “logic” we should have seen tons more sparks – why? ah, that’s right, just another hasbara lie meant to confuse those that you consider to be weak minded.

    as we all know, melted metal was seen and detected for weeks after the collapses – completely consistent with the use of thermite. there are many eyewitnesses to this fact.

    readers should note how later, when th haasbara shill is challenged to to tell us who he/she thinks actually did the deed, we get a massive obsfuction.

    if we find a dead body in the road, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask the question of who did it, while at the same time persuing the other issues of the case – what was the motive? what was the means? who had the opportunity?

    but, according to the hasbara shill, we have to know more than simply that the official story is not true. no, according to the hasbara shiill, we cant possibly even begin to ask the question of who did it until we wade through the cesspool of information and disinformation to determine the cause of the collapses!

    there is much evidence (not “vague accusations” as the hasbara shill calls it) that the israelis did 9/11. as i have said many times before (which has been totally ignored by the hasbara shill), all three of the main suspects have access to both thermite and directed energy weapons. so, when we see people using outright falsehoods to promote the directed energy scenario, and saying that the issue has to be settled before any fingers can be pointed – well, it becomes pretty obvious who you are and who you work for.

    abandon tv, i have answered your questions over and over again. now, have the simple courtesy to answer *my* questions, or shut the fuck up.

    • i think abandontv needs to answer the question as well..

      how it was done is a rabbit hole with no bottom and wastes time..i note abandontv didnt watch the video i linked or if he did he ignores it..why are you running from an easy question abandontv..just tell us who you think did it..simple eh?

    • “….there is much evidence (not “vague accusations” as the hasbara shill calls it) that the israelis did 9/11. ….”

      “The Israelis did 9/11” is a vague accusation. For a start 9/11 is a date, not a specific crime and Israel is a country of 8 million people. You really need to be a bit more specific if your accusation are going to have any weight. Only war mongering governments make such vague accusations against entire nations. You have to be better than that (assuming you don’t want to start WW3).

      Nations do not really exist anyway, only PEOPLE exist. Did *all* Israelis do 9/11? Or was it only some of them, in which case which ones specifically? Nations are a concept used by the global elite to manipulate humans by playing one nation off another (divide and rule). You are aware of that, right? Perhaps pitting the US against Israel was one of the objectives of 9/11, in which case you are playing right into their little scheme.

      The towers can be seen turning to dust in mid air producing no heat or light. Follow steel sections as they fall. Watch videos of thermite being used. It is clear that thermite reactions are not turning the steel to dust. Not that thermite can even turn steel to dust anyway.

      Whoever caused the towers to turn to dust in mid air has access to directed energy technology which they are able to use as a weapon.

      Dr Wood has submitted all her evidence in her two legal challenges to NIST. If that makes her a zionist in your mind then so be it.

      AE911 have yet to file any of their thermite evidence (assuming they have any) in any legal case. If that makes AE911 a bunch of bone fide truth seekers in your mind then so be it.

      Shouting “(insert entire nation or vague group here) did 9/11” has achieved nothing for a decade, and it will continue to achieve nothing until no one even cares about 9/11 anyway.

      No crime in human history has ever been brought to justice by people ignoring the evidence while making vague accusations into the wind about a crime they can’t even define properly in any scientific or legal sense. But perhaps you will be the first person in history to achieve justice this way!

      While it is true that many people and groups have connections to the events surrounding 9/11 I have absolutely no idea who specifically turned the twin towers to dust.

      And neither have you.

      If adhering to reason and evidence is the mark of a ‘zionist shill’ in your mind then so be it.

      • you have no idea?..none at all? not even a guess?..please..dude..

        did you watch the video i linked?..if so you still cant work out who benefited from this?

        the benefactors are the perps..thats logic..

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