Ron Paul ~ 2002 predictions


damn..see how many predictions have come true..almost like hes reading from a script that is totally planned..


~ by seeker401 on July 17, 2012.

5 Responses to “Ron Paul ~ 2002 predictions”

  1. imho not He is at legit-Man&Smart
    the z ionistPress can handle the truth so will attack RP anyway ‘they’ want
    notConstitution poor and divide and conquer imho is not planted is the truth
    was others that predict it the same and are gone now

  2. Oh come on. Anyone could have predicated that. I knew all those were going to happen, and I’m just a regular citizen. Anyone with some understanding of global politics could have predicted this.

    last paragraph

    • ““It’s the destruction of the currency that destroys the middle class. There’s a principle of free market thinking that says destroying the value of the currency through inflation, you transfer the wealth from the middle class and it gravitates to the very wealth. The bankers, the government, the politicians – they all love this. It is the fact that the Federal Reserve is the facilitator. If you like big government, love the Fed. They can finance the wars and all the welfare you want … but your country ends up in a crisis. It’s a solvency crisis, and it can’t be solved by printing a whole lot of money,” he concluded.”

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