Boeing and United Airlines announce $14.7B deal

US planemaker Boeing has announced an “historic” order from United Airlines for 150 Boeing 737s, in a deal worth up to $14.7bn (£9.5bn).

The order comprises 100 of the new Boeing 737 Max 9 planes and 50 Next Generation 737-900ER aircraft.

Boeing said the deal meant it had now received more than 10,000 orders overall for aircraft from the 737 family.

Boeing said the 737 was the “undisputed best-selling jetliner in the world”.

It said the Next Generation 737 was “the most fuel-efficient and reliable” single-aisle plane in the market.

The 737 Max, which is a new-engine variant on the Next Generation 737, builds on these strengths, Boeing said, reducing fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions by 13%.


big business..the plane industry isnt very healthy lately..but at least these planes have lower CO2 emissions..pffft..


~ by seeker401 on July 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “Boeing and United Airlines announce $14.7B deal”

  1. How about those chemtrail emissions, those particles “seem to be ecologic”…

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