“I’m the Joker”


Like everyone else inside screen 9 of the Century 16 cinema, Jessica Ghawi could hardly contain her excitement as she waited for a midnight premiere of the latest Batman epic, The Dark Knight Rises.

After waiting for months to see what was tipped to become the most successful film of all time, the 24-year-old sports journalist passed the time by teasing a friend via her Twitter account, saying: “You aren’t seeing it tonight?!?…?Loser!”

She was so desperate for the film to begin that she even tweeted her frustration, writing in capitals: “Movie doesn’t start for 20 minutes.” In a staff car park at the back of the cinema, James Eagan Holmes, a medical school drop-out, 24, was also counting down the minutes to an evening for which he, too, had spent weeks getting ready.

He had armed himself with four guns and tear gas canisters as he prepared to storm the multiplex in the Denver suburb of Aurora, Colorado, determined to kill as many people as he could. Half an hour after the film began, Miss Ghawi and 11 others were dead or dying after Holmes carried out America’s latest mass shooting, silently and indiscriminately targeting men, women, children and even a four-month-old baby. “Every few seconds it was just boom, boom, boom,” said Jennifer Seeger, who was in the theatre. “He would reload and shoot and anyone who would try to leave would just get killed.”



i am sure the lone wolf scenario will come out of this and wait for the gun laws battle to come..very sad..the evil rises..


~ by seeker401 on July 21, 2012.

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  1. no tears for americans. i bet not one of those people thought even once about the lives of the iraqis, afghans, libyans, yemenis, pakistanis, or syrians that they murder and rape each and everyday.

    oh so excited about a rehash of a rehash of a rehash movie? how empty a person are you, exactly? nothing inside while you kill and rape indiscriminately. no tears when it turns around and happens to you.

    • These people, these “americans” are just like those fallen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, etc. They are victims in the plot for world domination. Your anger is misplaced.

      • ‘these “americans” are just like those fallen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, etc. ‘

        pretty foul that you would compare the victims of mass rape and murder with the people that perpetrated the mass rape and murder.

        statistically speaking, it’s unlikely that there were any decent human beings at the movie that night (though, obviously i would make an exception for the small children who, afterall, didn’t get to choose their sick, violent american parents). it’s more likely that every single one “supported the troops.” it’s more likely that each one would get mighty upset – even violent – with me for expressing an anti-war stance. and of course it’s evident that for these people, the opening of an extremely violent, rehash-of-a-rehash movie was important enough for them to go to a midnight showing.

        i’m supposed to cry for empty, useless people who not only don’t lift a finger to stop the worst atrocities in history, but actually sit there and support it, laugh about it, and wave their stupid fucking made-in-china flags and go to stupid fucking zionist movies? no.

        if you have america in your heart; if you turn around when someone yells “american” then there is something deeply, deeply wrong with you. we’re talking about the nation that has been the aggressor in every single war it has been in, but turns around and acts like its a bunch of angels.

        your society is breaking down precisely because you refuse to address how horrid being an american is. whether this incident was a “lone wolf” or yet another psyop, either way it is your society collapsing in on itself, which you fully deserve since you have failed to stop your country’s aggression for hundreds of years now. the (very, very few) decent people in your country do not have the power to do anything about it because that has been made impossible. they need to get out and save themselves before it is too late.

        no tears for anyone with america in their heart.

  2. http://cotocrew.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/false-flag-mk-ultra-as-predicted-its-ramping-up/

  3. These ‘ Americans ‘ are intentionally dumbed down victims of their own enslavement to the American Dream. Living in the delusion of freedom and the pursuit of happiness, clinging to a constitution that is no more than a promisory note.

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” –
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    The slavemaster needs only to wave the ( false ) flag of patriotism and we will place the chains first on our own neck then on family, friend and neighbor.

    • “These ‘ Americans ‘ are intentionally dumbed down…”

      while “intentionally” is apt, a more accurate word would be “willfully.”

      being stupid and violent is cool in america. expressing the notion that you read non-fiction books or are interested in intellectual topics usually casts suspicion on you. it’s not far from the atmosphere in cambodia under the khmer rouge when any form of perceived intellectualism (even wearing glasses) was grounds for execution.

      as huxley predicted, the slaves are in love with their servitude, and enjoy it quite immensely. we don’t have the situation we used to where fighting *against* slavery was considered noble, because most are looking for that next dopamine hit from whatever producer/consumer activity has been planned for them that day.

  4. These ‘ Americans ‘ are hopelessly pathetic but no less so those who believe in their own self-righteousness, smoldering with self consuming rage. It seems we live in a world with no mirrors, content with our seething misdirected hatred as we sow the seeds of own destruction.
    Evil is evil in your heart or mine and is the fertile ground upon which the Lords of chaos find pleasure.

    • Amen.

    • yup, endless excuses while those that point it out are “hopelessly pathetic .. in their own self-righteousness.”

      self-rightous? goddamn right. i havn’t killed ANYONE. i havn’t raped ANYONE. i have not praised ANY subhuman rapist soldiers. i have not paid a fucking DIME to any ziohollywood producers.

      when my own (now-ex) brother came to be to say he’s joining your death-from-the-air squad, i told him no brother of mine kills innocent people. the moment he signs on the dotted line, he isn’t my brother anymore. that was more than six years ago now. and if one day i hear the news that he’s been shot down or otherwise killed, i will dance a dance of joy. i will track down his grave and spit on it. murdering americans don’t know the meaning of sacrifice. you love killing so much that when your brothers or sisters or cousins or mothers or fathers join up, you express fucking pride! and when they die you “honor their sacrifice.”

      those of you who give up your basic humanity in exchange for being an “american” through and through deserve nothing.

      show me a picture of any of those 12 victims raising hell against the illegal, immoral wars your country has been waging endelssly for more than 200 years now. show me. and when your ugly defense mechanisms kick in and your inevitable kneejerk response of “well what the fuck did YOU do, xxx?” comes along, i will tell you ONCE AGAIN, that if even 1% of the american population had joined us in shutting down the USA in march of 2003 there would be no war. period, full stop. you didn’t join us, though, because in the end you are FOR the wars. americans keep proving that to the world over and over again.

      and when a dozen get hit, we see their families crying endlessly on tv. palestinian families dont cry? iraqi families don’t cry? pakistani families don’t cry? salvadorean families don’t cry? vietnamese familes dont cry?

      choke on your tears, america. you carpet bomb el salvador and murder 250,000 peasants in cold blood and no one says or does ANYTHING about it, then we are supposed to cry for you? choke on it.

      (slight edit)

      • very harsh xxx but its truth reality..

      • The only truth expressed here is a heart seized with raw hatred using words as weapons, prepared to kill without discrimination. The very thing he hates … he is … and feeds upon, lacking understanding, void of constructive critical thinking, rather every thought is destructive. Such hatred violates the bounds of sanity and is the very thing this blog stands against.
        It is not a platform to sow hatred, plot vengence and breed violence. It would be very sad if there were little xxx’s being fed this raw sewage.



        • i should explain my comment..i am in agreeance with the anomaly xxx is talking about..that the wider use of violence by the us war machine kills this many people every day..i dont agree with his characterization and generalisation of the victims or all americans..we must disseminate between the machine and the people..some who have no clue and some who are brainwashed..but thats his opinion and i dont censor opinions..i will censor graphic language and have done so..

          i know what you are saying rev17 and totally respect that as well..evil breeds evil..you cant fix hate with more hate..

  5. I respect your position and xxx’s right to express his opinion, I am not advocating censorship to the contrary I am anticipating a lethal response and will not back down because I believe good is more powerful than evil, therefore I am willing to confront it head on and expose it for what it is. I have visited the other side and wrestled with demons who fear only one thing … the truth.

    • thanks rev17..i really enjoy your insight and links so keep them coming..

    • “I have visited the other side and…”

      if you love america and still think those stories in the bible happened to white people and not black people, you never left.

  6. […] “I’m the Joker” (seeker401.wordpress.com) […]

  7. I’m disappointed … I expected a more lethal response.

  8. XXX … First of all I am not ‘ American ‘ and I do not love America, in fact I hate everything this country represents but my hatred does not consume me, it motivates me.
    I was born in Northern Ireland a country raped and plundered by the English, a country where people had their tongues cut out for speaking in their native language. Growing up as a Catholic in a pro- British protestant area, I daily ran a gauntlet, having my balls kicked, until I had enough and targeted the leader, who required some stitches. The response was over-whelming, I had 50 guys with chains and bats looking for me. I learned to fight for my life.
    My parents decided to come to this country, it was not my choice. I hated this country from the first day but eventually conformed and became a US citizen, I was forced to relinquish my Irish citizenship, this was a mistake but a choice I made. I was not born in this country and did not grow up with a US flag between my ears, therefore having recognized my mistake and having the ability to reason, I have the freedom to choose. My choice is to leave this country and advise everyone I know to do the same. My choice is to live in a very poor country where I can contribute something of value.

    So besides venting your hatred, what are you contributing, are you doing anything to help those you have so much compassion for? You don’t have to go far, just pay a visit to a Native American reservation and discover the price they paid for the food you eat.
    If your anger does not motivate you to do something constructive, it will kill you.
    Your clock is ticking.
    My moral authority is simple … I forgive you.
    But I don’t forgive your demons.

  9. Wow, some of you guys don’t have enough compassion to feel bad that innocent people were killed for going to see a movie. I can’t say I don’t somewhat envy you, though. Life must be easier when you’re absolutely heartless.

    • Unfortunately xxx apparently lost control with his last response to me and finally achieved his goal of being censored.

      • Rev 17, with all due respect, I highly doubt that xxx ‘lost control’.

        One thing is certain, xxx is ‘passionate’ for truth. And perhaps his truth or the way he conveys his message is not palatable to some, or maybe because what he says sounds too harsh, or crude, some take it personal, but it doesn’t make what he says wrong or evil, and it doesn’t change the fact that the evil that does exist in the world, is and has been perpetrated by this nation and other allied nations, by the CONSENT of the people, no matter what flag or religion you identify yourself by.

        In my opinion, xxx is probably more honest in his zeal of love for all humanity, than those who have the zeal of ‘religion’ and kill innocents in the name of the ‘common good’ and patriotism.

        The answer to end the atrocities by those who made themselves kings and lords and royals over us, is so damn simple, but people don’t want to give up their world views or fantasy lifestyles in order to end the insanity. In fact too many people love this world exactly the way it is, and that is why nothing will change and many will continue to suffer.

        just my $.02 (peace) 🙂

        • his last post WAS deleted..it was not acceptable..for all the good things he writes this one was way to vicious, personal and wreaked of hate..i had no option but to delete it..xxx knows how i work and i speak to him most days on chat..even he would admit he went over the top in the last one..

      • haha i am still catching up with this thread – had no idea my post was removed. can’t imagine what i must have said that was ‘over the top’ – was it the “it’s an entire nation of sanduskys” or the imposter religion stuff? 🙂

        when i have a good 20 mins to dedicate to another rant i will give a detailed response. for now a couple fo quick points:

        -i’ve never called for violence. my advice is to get the fuck out and protect yourself and those who you love. what is occuring is outside of your control. the last chance for elite property destruction (which is not vlolence, imho) was in 2003, and duhmericans failed to protect their country or the lives of innocents abroad. it’s only the extreme bigotry and prejudice people hold in their hearts which makes them confuse my words with a call for violence.

        -i am the same way in person that i am on the internet. i don’t allow zionists in my home, i dont allow military filth in my family. i don’t make a secret of my opinions at work.

        – thanks, int.

        more as time allows.

    • Aurathena, I must ask you these questions:

      how many nanoseconds of your life have been spent thinking of the MILLIONS of people murdered in cold blood by your government, military, and corporations?

      did you vote for obama or romney? did you think for even one nanosecond about all the 100% innocent people you were murdering when you did that?

      did you do ANYTHING to stop the iraq war in 2003?

      do you think iraqi mothers cry when their children die? have you ever seen a video of that? do you think libyan mothers cry when their children die? have you ever seen a video of that? do you think that palestinian mothers cry when their children die? have you ever seen a video of that?

      take a look at the average american HONESTLY. are they not “absolutely heartless” the way you accuse me of being? do they ever think .. do YOU ever think … about the people you are killing each and everyday?

      have you ever heard of depleted uranium, how the US/UK/israel use it, and what the effects of it are? if you don’t, then i’m sorry, but you have ZERO moral authority to be saying that i’m “absolutely heartless,” because your willfull ignorance kills 100% innocent people, including children, each and every day. and you never think about it, not even for a nanosecond.

  10. intriguedbyr … I appreciate your $.02 but you obviously did not have the pleasure of reading xxx’s attempted lethal response to me before it was deleted. I appreciated his attempt and would prefer it remain posted, as I am not personally offended by anything he said.
    I identify with no religion or flag, My identity is in the God who breathed life into me, who existed before man created religion and flag in order to control humanity.
    Throughout history religion and patriotism and race have been used to divide and conquer by sowing the seeds of hatred. Those who focus their hatred on a particular group, regardless of justification, participate with the elite in furthering their agenda.
    This is what I take issue with and leads me to question … what exactly is xxx’s agenda?
    The majority of humanity are blind and depend on leaders to guide them and because of their blind trust they get the leaders they deserve.
    They will surely reap what has been sown but when xxx takes pleasure in their suffering I question his motives on this blog and perhaps others.

    This blog serves a purpose, that of opening the eyes of the blind, exposing lies and deception and revealing the truth. The educational value is immense, helping people to protect themselves from those whose intentions are to destroy them, their own leaders, who serve their elite masters. They are more deserving of hatred than their victims.

    To condemn an entire nation or an entire race is to condemn all humanity.

    My concern is, xxx is either blind or possibly a more sinister agent.

    • You’re right, I didn’t see any other post after that by xxx, and figured, knowing his style and passion for the last few years, he had said all he needed. And I stand corrected, as Seeker has stated it WAS deleted, so it must have been over the top.

      I agree with much of what you say above Rev, but I also understand that some races and people in America have totally different life stories than the majority, and how they see this country because of the way they were treated by fellow ‘American’s’, who did nothing to provoke it, nor did they stand up to stop it, because it didn’t affect them or their lives. That’s how most American’s roll…if it isn’t affecting me, it isn’t my problem! Not many will take a stand for the few, hell you can see that in your local office politics…no one wants to get involved, but they want you involved IF it affects them, no?

      Maybe what I was trying to get across in my post is, not all people have experienced the same “American Dream”, many have lived the nightmare much longer than we are feeling right now and have no more tolerance or patience for those it is affecting today, because no one was crying for the afflicted and innocent when the good times were rolling for them.

      I ashamedly admit that I am pretty late to the party when it comes to waking up to the important issues that have taken place in this country, many more have taught me than I have taught them in the last few years, but I get it now. For lack of any better way to put it, I will try to explain my interpretation of what xxx was expressing, and maybe I’m wrong, but for what it’s worth, this is it –

      If you blindly associate your individual self with this Corporate Military Industrialized Complex, called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. who work for the elite families to destroy innocent lives globally, and gladly call yourself an ‘American’, than you deserve what you get, because you are supporting their agenda. You are no better than they are, in fact, you are one of them.

      Sure, most people would say they don’t support killing others, but when the towers went down, ‘American’s’ all over the country backed the killing of innocent people, just by word of the corporate media shills reading their government handed scripts. No one questioned them… it was all about revenge and retaliation, ‘How dare they do this to us”, and the majority of people hung their flags on their poles and cheered and danced, but were offended to see the news clip put out by the corporate media of the Middle Easterner’s dancing in the streets when we were attacked!

      Somehow, ‘Americans’ have come to believe they are the cream of the world’s crop, because they were trained to believe that…and anyone with an ounce of common sense would ask themselves why there would be ANY chosen ones in the world, especially if you believe in God. It doesn’t make any more sense to me, than the Vatican stating the only Christians are Catholic, or the Jews thinking they are the chosen ones, or the Evangelical’s who think the Catholic’s are Satan incognito….and everyone has been told to hate the Muslims…just because they are not like our culture at all. It’s as bad as seeing the same damn pictures of Israel and Palestine over and over again, as if there were no malls there, and neighborhoods outside that Temple Dome..the media gives us the images they want us to see. It’s up to US to have enough interest to see if what they tell us or show is true, but most don’t care…they just take their word for it. THEY DON”T CARE AT ALL, because it doesn’t affect them.

      I try to treat all people with respect, and also respect their opinions and right to an opinion, whether I agree with them or not, because I haven’t walked their walk in life. I find it hard to just say what’s in my heart, because many others would be offended or not understand what the hell I’m trying to say, but I am pretty sure of one thing, this country is going to self-implode, and the many who never knew this way of life, will feel the poverty and out-casting the few felt for years, and because of their own pride and egos, these ‘Americans’ who have never been in the place they will find themselves, won’t know how to deal with it, and then I guess we’ll see how many of those who have been long-suffering for years, will feel sorry for those who were so blind and uninterested in the common people around them.

      end of my way too long rant

      • thanks intrigued for your response..i agree with the way you have put it..its the john wayne syndrome..we are the good guys and “they” are the bad guys:

  11. Thanks Seek, that’s it in a nutshell – AMERICA is a contradiction in itself, a self righteous bloody legend in it’s own mind – willing to kill innocent people in whatever nation it is told to go to next by it’s evil masters

    I have to credit Reinhardt for this article below

    Army’s Plans to Relocate Gear Offer Map to Future Roles


    found this after researching a bit

    all the king’s men

    • “Large numbers of MRAPs, the armored troop carriers built to withstand the blast of improvised explosives in Iraq and Afghanistan, would be stored in Italy, where they could be transported for contingencies across Africa. Those could include disaster relief in hostile environments, civilian evacuations or counterinsurgency assistance to local security forces.”

  12. Intriguedbyr, thank you for taking the time to respond on behalf of xxx your effort helps explain the source of his justified anger.
    Please bear with me and allow me to share my own personal experience regarding the issue of race.
    As previously stated growing up in Belfast, NI my family suffered persecution because of religious inequality, as things escalated my family went to NY, leaving behind my sister with six children. The same thugs who threatened me daily returned and burned our home to the ground, my sister escaped with her family and also made it to NY.
    My first friends in NY were black and I could not comprehend white america’s hatred of black people, soon I found another friend who was white and one day discovered he was a protestant. The hatred I had lived with in Belfast rose up inside me but I was very confused because I found no reason to hate this person.
    There is only one american I have unquestionable respect for … Martin Luther King Jr.
    While it is true that the anger of blacks who have suffered persecution at the hands ‘ white america ’ is understandable and justified, that is only a half truth. As with any trade both a buyer and seller are required, the other half of the truth never mentioned is that slavery was common in Africa before the arrival of the white man and is found even today. Slavery has been a way of life since man has walked the earth and if blacks want to lay claim to being the first to walk the earth then they ought also lay claim to their own responsibility for slavery.
    As for anger towards white americans, that anger would be more justifiably targeted at White Anglo -Saxon Protestants as they continue to cling to power by stirring the cesspool of racism, the root of which is found in England.
    White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) is an informal term, often derogatory or disparaging, for a closed group of high-status Americans mostly of English Protestant ancestry. The term implies the group as wielding disproportionate financial and social power.[1] The term WASP does not describe every Protestant of English background, but rather a more restrictive group numbering between 200,000 – 300,000 who descend from the early settlers of the Northern colonies, whose family wealth and elite connections allow them their power. The term is also used in Australia and Canada for similar powerful groups.

    White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

    What’s wrong with America having Anglo-Saxon heritage?

    Mitt Romney would restore ‘Anglo-Saxon’ relations between Britain and America

    We have all been fed lies our entire lives, we must be willing to shed light on the lies we believe in our own heart. Only the truth will set you free but do we have the courage to face our own truth?
    If I have said anything that may have offended xxx then I will sincerely apologize.

  13. I certainly don’t claim to speak for xxx, who I believe is and has been ‘awake’ far longer than many, is extremely knowledgeable and intellectual in many areas, and far more than I could hope to be, and because he is aware and awake, has come to realize people aren’t going to change, and nothing will change because of it, and it’s not only frustrating, but downright angering, again – this is just my opinion. I know from my own experience talking with people I’ve known for years, family included, most people are far too brainwashed or set in the ways of their own little world to ever accept the truth, let alone entertain it and I find it very frustrating some days.

    It genuinely saddens me to hear stories like yours Rev, I can’t even imagine what that must have been like and to me, it’s just more proof of how evil organized religion is, and how it’s contributed to the sorry state the world is in today. How power breeds corruption, that men in leadership positions would sell their souls for power and greed.

    As far as the race issue, that card has been played in every which way for all races to blame each other, because if we were to ever unite and be just ‘people’ and not ‘races’ or nationalities, we would find we have more in common than not, and the elite would never have gotten away with what they have. They need us all to have enemies in order to plunder and own the world. To pretend to vote for one of ‘their guys’ which are both serving the same masters. Everything we’ve been told is filled with half truths, revised history, blatant lies to keep the people divided and enslaved and we really don’t know the ‘full truth’ of much of anything, but I don’t understand why people don’t care to know. I don’t understand how some can’t put themselves or their families in the place of these people whose lands we are invading for international bankers and the mafiosa controlling them.

    I only hope that before millions more are murdered in another world war for those who think they are the elite, that the majority of the people would start to question why these things are happening and who they benefit. It would be a start, but probably way too late.

  14. Today August 1st is my father’s birthday, he never held a job in Belfast as all employment ads stated ‘ catholics need not apply ‘ instead much of his time was spent in the Belfast library studying and researching the elite who ruled over him. Yet he refused to allow anger or hatred to rule over him, my father taught me the difficulties we struggle with in life forms our character and if I would make a difference in the world around me, it must begin with me. My father’s influence on the people who were fortunate enough to know him was immeasureable. His love for people regardless of race or religion taught me the true measure of a man is the ‘ content of his character.’
    My father also died on his birthday, sealing his life’s message in my heart.

    • lost my father when he was 57..way to early..love to chat to him today..

    • I hear you Rev 17, I brought my father home to my house on June 7th of this year, he is in hospice care here at home with us. It’s not easy taking care of him, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He lived his entire life ‘differently’ than most. We never had much of anything growing up, but we were very rich in the ways that matter. He had a small one man print shop, where he would bring the homeless men in off the street and feed them at his desk, buy their ‘pencils’ everyday, and anything and everything he did for ‘charity’ for various organizations, which was a lot of extra work, time and money of his own that he really didn’t have, was never deducted from his income tax, ” it wouldn’t really be giving if he did, was his motto”. He would give anyone who needed help whatever he could. He worked hard all his life, long, long hours in that shop, but it was what made him whole. Many took advantage of him and the low prices he would charge them for his printing work, but it didn’t matter much to him, he thought he was being fair.

      He never made more than $26K in his whole lifetime in that shop, but he thought it was plenty. It’s going to be very hard to lose him, but he’s led a life that was full in his eyes and those whose life he’s touched will never forget him.

      I have to admit, that though it may be admirable, his way of life and the way he treated those around them, is exactly what the elite expect of all of us, including and especially the Church… it’s how they stay rich, while we ‘suffer’ to take care of each other. When things are said and done, I will follow my father’s way of life, only because it”s the right way… the church hierarchy and those who serve them will get everything they deserve in the end.

  15. hah.. i was going to do a long overdue reply, but really there’s only a few points to be made.

    if you believe in an abrahamic religion based on a non-black abraham, a non-black moses, and a non-black jesus, you have zero credibility when it comes to moral or religious issues.

    when you praise lowlife lying scum like martin luther “i am a zionist” king junior then you have zero clue about history or how the world works. king and his cohorts like ghandi are manufactured heroes. if you believe in that shit, i’m sorry, but you’re clueless and you have not even taken the first baby step down the path of truth.

    i’ve heard way to much about the woes of the irish in my lifetime. heard too much about the woes of fucking jews too. is it irish people or jews being bombed to smithereens by drone attacks? it it irish and jewish people being bombed with depleted uranium? no, it isn’t.

    when someone tells you “oh, you are so angry and full of hate” they are merely following the white supremacist line of the british empire (ironically, the irish were among their first victims). you see, in a world where people numb themselves with drugs and 100% false belief in god, they will come up with almost any kind of nonsense to protect their sense of white supremacy. and if you complain about it, well, you’re just angry and hateful – lol. the implication is that brown = irrationally violent and that’s quite contrary to the historical facts.

    zero tears for americans and their friends who do nothing but kill kill and kill. and for those who use every excuse in the book to avoid opposing true evil in the world – excuses like their faux beliefs in various gods, their faux beliefs in various leaders, etc – there will be no tears either. if you want people to give a shit about you, start giving a shit about them and STOP enabling the behavior of the murderers.

    • Your buttons are so easily pushed and lack of intelligence is exposed in your immaturity. But I’m sure you feel better.

    • Ba’al Pe’or
      A story follows about a Jew who showed his contempt for the god by wiping his behind on its nose after defecating in the temple and who was praised for his piety by the acolytes of the god who said: no man has ever before served this idol thus. Tractate ‘Avodah Zarah 3 states in the Gemara that the area before the idol Pe‘or was used as a latrine and that the worship of the idol consisted of excrementing before it. Rashi comments on Numbers 25.3 that Pe‘or was so called because they would uncover before it the end of the rectum and bring forth excrement; this is its worship.

      Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes.

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