Afghanistan minerals fully mapped..getting the picture?

Afghanistan has become the first country whose surface minerals have been mapped from the air.

The US Geological Survey released the results of a “hyperspectral imaging” effort, in which reflections of light shone from an aircraft are analysed.

Different minerals – as well as snow or vegetation – reflect specific colours, resulting in a “mineral map”.

The map comprises more than 800 million data points corresponding to an area of 440,000 sq km, some 70% of the country.

Afghanistan is known to have vast reserves of oil, gas, copper, cobalt, gold and lithium. In late 2011, a consortium of Indian companies inked a deal to begin mining some of the country’s large stores of iron.

But the country is known to have a wider array of mineral resources; in 2010, the Afghan ministry of mines claimed a value of its reserves of nearly a trillion dollars, then carrying out tours to promote investment in them.

But it remains to pin down which economically viable minerals are where, an effort for which the USGS’s hyperspectral imaging expertise was enlisted.

In a series of 28 flights over 43 days, the USGS gathered the data by shining visible and infrared light from a height of 15,000m and using a camera to capture the reflections. Each “pixel” of the camera was analysed and correlated with the materials that reflect at a given colour.

The USGS public release of the data includes two maps: one of iron and iron-bearing minerals, and one of minerals principally containing carbon, silicon, or sulphur.

The survey was funded by the US Department of Defense’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO) as well as the Afghan government.

“This is a tremendous tool for the Afghan government for locating and identifying its myriad rich mineral deposits,” said TFBSO director Jim Bullion.

“These maps clearly show the enormous size and variety of Afghanistan’s mineral wealth and position the country to become a world leader in the minerals sector.”


“Afghanistan has become the first country whose surface minerals have been mapped from the air”

lucky them..and what a treasure trove they have found..its coincidental of it always is..


~ by seeker401 on July 23, 2012.

5 Responses to “Afghanistan minerals fully mapped..getting the picture?”


    Something to think about. Not sure if R has considered this angle with the gold and LIBOR. I sure hope nothing like this happens.

    • nice catch..

      What would expect prior to the attack?
      Gold would move down (!) or sideways…..movements up would bring too much later attention.
      The stock market would go up or sideways…..same reason.
      You might see big institutions going long and reducing their short precious metals positions….something that is happening now.
      The “safety” of bonds would be the prevailing thought.
      Rising tensions in “terrorist” countries would provide possible perpetrators/motives….something happening now.
      Many leaders would send surrogates to the ceremonies rather than attending personally….especially from important countries…or they would leave immediately following the ceremony.
      So why the reference to Jerusalem?
      The Olympic opening ceremonies begin on the evening of Friday, 27 July (right after the markets in the US close and with the European and Asian markets having closed hours earlier). The ceremonies end in the early morning of 28 July…or the 9th of Av in the Jewish calendar….although the 9th doesn’t officially start until sundown.
      The 9th of Av (as you know) is the day Solomon’s Temple was destroyed in 586 BC. It is the day the second Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. It is also the day of the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492. It is a day of mourning.
      On the “illuminati card” the time on the clock that is falling is 11:11. 1-1-1-1. Day one, one hour, one minute, one second into the ceremony?
      Or, since the 9th of Av doesn’t officially start until sundown on the 28th, does the attack come (in Blake’s new Jerusalem) one day later when all the dignitaries are gone?
      Steve, I know this is “way out there.” I have had no visions from God. I’m just connecting dots and trying to recognize patterns from previous events. I have debated whether to send this to you. I don’t even know what you would do with it. But I think you’re supposed to have it.

  2. Great link hartrw, thanks for sharing.
    As far as numerology goes, the children’s promise kids really creep me out. Exactly what role are they playing???

    • and then check this message from the kids..note the paper thrown on the ground and who is on it!

      thanks to amalmansy for the link..

    • very special kids eh? torch relay LOL..or paralympics role


      numbers overload..

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