Mainstream Reporter Tells The Truth About Audit The Fed And The Creation Of The Federal Reserve


thanks to rev17 for the link..

absolutely nails it..well done..


~ by seeker401 on August 6, 2012.

8 Responses to “Mainstream Reporter Tells The Truth About Audit The Fed And The Creation Of The Federal Reserve”

  1. 1 vid number 4″ they’ best
    2 vid i remember when happen that lady was so so nervous “lie” + lie pants on fire

    only Ron Paul keep track 🙂

  2. I follow Ben Swann on facebook….very interesting stuff from him, and it’s on mainstream news, which is strange.

  3. swann is on a fox stattin, but it is not owned by the network like most fox stations, it is owned by an ‘independent’ company. still, i think it must be the general manager of the station who is allowig swann to say what he does.

  4. The fed as an instrument of creating wealth out of paper, did till now have its proper function, the methods used by this procedure are almost as important and secret as an official secret act is for the state,locked by the state for public eyes non visible,its contents non negociable.You would almost asume as if the formula of turning led into gold is in these hands, the Rockefellers,Rothschilds and others involved will surely agree.As far as my poor knowledge in chemistry reaches plumbus cannot change in aureum, but paper can, as the fed demonstrates so far,of course I am not the eminence grise in economics,neither in any particular science of banking, but I wonder sometimes how on earth people can be fooled over and over again, and the worse is yet to come,may all the self fulfilling banking prophecies that got us caught up in so many complicated financial enigma s solve for once and all the key problem of its system, so it might function more transparent and benefit instead of worsening the crisis we are all in,it is about time,…..we would not need to be so much occupied anymore to find the codecrackers elsewhere……solis sacerdotibus, in due respect,mrs van den Dolder.

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