The Symbolism behind the Olympic “Ritual” Ceremony – London 2012 New Jerusalem Zion


i had been waiting for an overview of the ceremony..this guy sees it from a christian point of view but beside that he finds all the hidden pieces we knew would be there..well done..the tree of knowledge..hmm..


~ by seeker401 on August 6, 2012.

10 Responses to “The Symbolism behind the Olympic “Ritual” Ceremony – London 2012 New Jerusalem Zion”

  1. the tree of life is jewish. ive never heard of the tree of knowledge. but i’ll watch the vid. rare that i do actually…

  2. thouth provoking.

    db. interesting 6, 7 and 11, 23 all occult numbers. getting a bit many now i think.

    i also think if you wanted to say ‘their’ god was a ‘banana’, you could immagine a way to present it…..the fire was the colour of a banana, so was the cauldron, the chimneys represented bananas, etc, etc, etc…

  3. that tree could be construed ‘as above so below’, the same could be said for db.

    we do keep getting this occult, illuminati, symbolism stuff shoved at us. im not sure it concesals some other thing….or its all a psyop..

  4. is more n unbers like 22=is 2 ellevenss /36=is to 18 so is 2X6 and more…..

  5. thx Seek is cool cos only catch that day from kiz in beds that i though was werd and the baby i don’t even understand strange
    i catch the c heckers outfits and that really don’t make any sense there except more A lice
    cool catch the paul outfit i miss that one lol

  6. Greetings, Seeker. I missed the opening, and your video was a real eye opener. Yes, we’re all overexposed to conspiracy theories, but the symbolic warp and weft of these ceremonies leave little to the imaginations. It is diabolical and occult, and from a Christian perspective, purely evil. Even in my early years of seeking God, as a disciple of what we now term New Age, I would have found this stuff evil. Anything that seeks to control man is evil. Regardless of what one’s persuasion or world view is, we must agree that to seek to control others by any means is evil. It was evil when the magicians and Jesuits practiced it; it is evil when practiced as statecraft or religious despotism; and evil for any purpose or means.

    I’m curious to know if you have traced the choice and executions of these ceremonies for the Olympics?

    Interesting site. I will be subscribing. Liked those quotes on the right margin below. As an aside, are Jesuits still active today?

    • hi franco.. thanks for your comments..

      i have only posted the video i didnt make it but i am fully aware of these rituals and how they work and the esoteric symbolism in them..whats interesting is to research the atual artistic designers who create these ceremonies..thats the first thing to do..and then see what else they have been involved in..

      jesuits are totally active but in more hidden ways..under different names like the knights of malta and similar..not all knigts are jesuits but where you see a leader who is a catholic you can assume they are part of some chivalry order or jesuits..they say in a room of 10 people 1 will be a jesuit..

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