India to launch mission to Mars in 2013

Hot on the heels of China’s announcement of its plan to launch a lunar rover in 2013 comes this news from India: in 2013, it’ll be launching a mission of its own, not to the Moon, but all the way to Mars. Ambitious, to be sure, but India has even bigger plans in the works.

The Indian Space Research Organisation has just confirmed that it will be sending an orbiter to Mars in 2013. The $90 million satellite will carry about 55 pounds worth of science payload (made up of as many as nine individual instruments), and will “focus on life, climate, geology, origin, evolution and sustainability of life on the planet,” the organization says. That’s not much of a focus, if you ask me, but then, I’m not a Martian scientist or anything. Oh wait, yes I am!

Anyway, this Mars mission is just a stepping stone for India, which is gearing up to send a manned mission into space in 2016. That will make it the fourth nation to put a human into space using domestically-developed hardware, and the second in just a few years after a huge gap following the Soviets and the U.S. back in the 1960s. This is an exciting time for space exploration, with new countries and all sorts of private companies getting into the game, and we wish India the very best of luck at getting to Mars on its first try.


everyone racing to space now..for the last bastion of resources..lets see if anyone manages to send a human further than 400 miles off of earth..a story on the asteroid miners is coming up tomorrow..


~ by seeker401 on August 8, 2012.

7 Responses to “India to launch mission to Mars in 2013”

  1. Makes one ponder – why now? and WHAT WAS GOING ON IN THE 60s(where they REALLY in the outerspace, to the moon even)?!

  2. Congratulations, India, brahmany adhaya karmani,sangam tyaktva karoti yah,lipyate nasa papena,padma patram ivambhasa,,,ohm shanti, Paula van den Dolder Kumari Singh……

    • shanti’s got nothing to do with it. india’s non-indian rulers are wasting india’s resources – again. and the indians themselves?

      tell you what… abolish slavery in india – the country with the highest rate of slavery in the world – and then talk to me about glories of space exploration. americans, russians, and chinese are no better.

      you want something to celebrate, and there wont be anything to celebrate until you see sonia gandhi swinging from a rope tied to the india gate.

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  4. I still believe,despite and although, universe has its own rules to be followed up, by why not india as wells,…. No further comments………

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