Images 19/8/12


golden mickey mouse strategically placed..lots and lots of one eyes..madonna getting burnt by some crazies who like skulls..puss rioty from madge..more one eyes..and a proud mason always gets a license plate to declare it..

~ by seeker401 on August 19, 2012.

9 Responses to “Images 19/8/12”

  1. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight after seeing all this…

  2. People see what they want to see.

  3. so many times, people have told me that it “makes no difference” that…

    -music devoted to suicidal themes can lead to suicides
    -violent video games can cause violence
    -sex on tv can promote sexual activity with negative consequences

    they tell me that it doesn’t really “influence” anyone. afterall, they reason, they watched horror movies and never chopped anyone up; they listened to heavy metal and never contemplated suicide, etc, etc.

    that’s when i say “yeah, you’re so right! … all those companies are so stupid to spend so much money to put ads on tv when *everyone knoooows* tv doesn’t really influence anyone.” then i usually walk away during the awkward silence that follows.

    look, we know that kate rothschild personally manages a lot of the acts that use this kind of imagery, and we know that that family likes to use that same imagery (e.g. when they build a winery in napa). now, i’m willing to believe they use this imagery in music in order to generate controversy, and therefore sales. but the imagery is clearly there and it clearly has a purpose, mundane or otherwise.

    • i almost get bored with how many images i can find from all over the world all making the same signs..using the same energy..portraying the same thing..but its just coincidence! 🙂

      you bet your hat they influence us..only the sheep say it doesnt..they dont even know they are influenced when they have been..

  4. what’s the curly drawn mustache about?

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