Will the Queen step down?


It’s been a massive year for Queen Elizabeth. She’s experienced the highs of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations and watched her country bask in the glory of the Olympic Games. But behind the scenes, it’s believed there’s only one thing on her mind – the deteriorating health of her husband, Prince Philip. As he was rushed to hospital for the third time in eight months, it’s believed murmurings have begun behind Palace walls for a succession plan – one that is likely to sensationally see Prince William take the throne over his father, Prince Charles.

“The Queen is a tremendously strong-willed woman but she is not keen to face public life without Prince Philip beside her,” royal expert Bill Coles tells Woman’s Day. “Now that he’s been in hospital for another extended stay, she recognises that, at the age of 91, he can’t keep up with her. The Queen is determined to be there for Prince Philip. He’s the love of her life.”

Our sources have revealed that when British Prime Minister David Cameron was informed the Queen, 86, was considering stepping down, he addressed the matter in their weekly meeting. “He hopes to convince the Queen to appoint William as her successor,” says our exclusive source from inside the British Conservative Party. “The Prime Minister offered his opinion that were Prince William to succeed the Queen he would be ‘a vibrant monarch and one that would unite his country behind him’.

“There is considerable concern that Prince Charles is less likeable and that the prospect of his wife Camilla becoming queen would be deeply unpopular with much of Britain.” It’s believed the Prime Minister’s subtle hints were not taken kindly by the sharp monarch. “He didn’t get a warm response from the Queen, who would only say, ‘I believe William has the makings of an extraordinary king – when his time comes.’”


this rumour happens once a year..i believe Charlie wont get the nod and William will get it..as the article says..


~ by seeker401 on August 30, 2012.

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