Female suicide bomber in Muslim cleric attack identified as an actress..muslims attacking muslims


The female suicide bomber responsible for killing Dagestani Muslim spiritual leader Sheikh Said Afandi and six others has been identified as a 30-year-old Russian woman, reportedly an actress who converted to radical Islam.

Aminat Saprykina was charged with the suicide mission by Rustam Aselderov, who was allegedly just appointed leader of a north Caucasus militant group, Kommersant reported, citing police sources.

Saprykina posed as a pilgrim who wanted to convert to Islam. According to reports, she convinced the Sheikh’s inner circle to immediately grant her an audience with Afandi, bypassing the long line of people waiting to see the spiritual leader. Saprykina claimed she wanted to convert to Islam; she detonated a bomb as she neared the Sheikh, killing Afandi along with his wife and five other people who came to see him, including an 11-year old boy.

RT’s Nadezhda Kevorkova, who is currently in the area, reported that Saprykina arrived at the Afandi’s house with children, and pretended to be pregnant. There is no information available on the children she came with, Kevorkova said.

Saprykina came from a striking background, having graduated from an acting program at a Dagestani university and worked for a Russian theater in Makhachkala. She was also a member of a local breakdancing group, Kommersant said. Saprykina has turned toward radical Islam, and was allegedly being influenced by local militant groups. She had reportedly been married four times to different members of the groups. Three of the men are dead, and another one is currently serving a prison sentence.

Special security forces identified her as a possible suicide bomber last year, but were unable to ascertain her location. She had attempted to perpetrate other suicide attacks, but backed out each time after her cover was blown, Russian media reported.

Police were able to identify her corpse through DNA testing after her body parts were found in the Sheikh’s house.


is this how the grand plan works out?..with muslim attacking muslim?


~ by seeker401 on September 3, 2012.

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