Longer working week suggested for Greece..a blueprint for all of us?


Greece’s international lenders have suggested measures including increasing the maximum working week to six days.

It is one of several unofficial proposals to liberalise the labour market and increase government revenue, contained in a paper seen by the BBC.

The proposals were not included in the original bailout agreement signed with the Greek government.

Inspectors from the EU, IMF and European Central Bank, known as the troika, are due in Greece this week.

They are writing a report, due in October, that will decide whether Greece receives its next instalment of bailout funds.

Greece needs the next payment of 31.5bn euros ($39.6bn; £24.9bn) to allow it to continue servicing its debts.

Proposals in the document from the troika included:

  • Setting a single rate statutory minimum wage
  • Reducing regulatory burdens
  • Making work schedules more flexible
  • Setting a minimum daily rest of 11 hours
  • Eliminating restrictions on the minimum and maximum time between morning and afternoon shifts.

Also, on Wednesday, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble ruled out a third package of aid for Greece, but stressed that it would be staying in the eurozone.

“The costs for Greece are already very high and therefore we cannot have a new programme for Greece,” he told German radio.

Greece was given a 110bn-euro package in May 2010 and a further 130bn euros in October 2011, along with a 100bn-euro debt write-off.

European President Herman Van Rompuy is due to meet Greek leader Antonis Samaras on Thursday.


as reinhardt told us..it is ALWAYS about cheap wages and cheap labour..its like greece is a blueprint of what they want for all of us in the system..we have watched it unfold


~ by seeker401 on September 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Longer working week suggested for Greece..a blueprint for all of us?”

  1. Looks like, only the most of the “you-know-who” are going to get their sabbath while others do the working..

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