“Japan playing with fire” – Chinese warships deployed to disputed islands


Two Chinese patrol ships have been dispatched to a group of disputed islands following Tokyo’s announcement that it would purchase the isles from private owners. Beijing has vowed “reciprocal measures” should the situation escalate.

Two ships from the China Marine Surveillance (CMS) – a paramilitary maritime law enforcement agency – were dispatched to the tiny archipelago in the South China Sea “to assert the country’s sovereignty,” the official Chinese Xinhua News Agency said Tuesday.

Xinhua said the vessels had reached the waters around the Diaoyu Islands — known in Japan as the Senkaku Islands —and would take the necessary measures to deal with “the development of the situation.”

Chinese Defense Ministry Spokesman Geng Yansheng vowed the “government and armed forces stand firm and are unshakeable in their determination and will safeguard sovereignty over the nation’s territories.”

“We are watching the evolution of the situation closely and reserve the right to take reciprocal measures,” he continued.

However, Japan’s coast guard said no special measures have been taken as a result of the Chinese patrol boats’ deployment to the islands, though Tokyo monitoring any possible new developments. Japanese officials say it’s unlikely that the Chinese vessels would come within 12 nautical miles of the islands – which would constitute an encroachment on Japanese territorial waters.

Beijing summoned Japan’s ambassador to China late on Monday to protest Japan’s move to buy three of the five islands, which will become the responsibility of the Japanese coast guard if the plan goes through.

The People’s Liberation Army Daily also said in a commentary on Tuesday that Japan was playing with fire, calling the purchase the “most blatant challenge to China’s sovereignty since the end of World War II.”

And as the rhetoric heats up, China has started broadcasting a daily weather report for the islands for the first time.

Small demonstrations outside of the Japanese Embassy in Beijing followed the news, with a dozen or so demonstrators chanting “Japan, get out of China.” Similar protests were reported in two other cities in eastern and southern China.

Taiwan, who has also laid claim to the islands, which are on a route to rich fishing grounds and potentially large maritime gas fields, recalled its envoy to Japan on Tuesday in response to Tokyo’s plan to nationalize them.

Taiwan’s envoy was instructed to lodge a formal complaint with Tokyo, and is expected to return to Taipei on Wednesday.


small things develop into big things..this is one of them..i want to know who the private owners are who is sellling the islands to japan? anyone know?


~ by seeker401 on September 13, 2012.

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  1. well worth watching. japan has a 1% (or something) christian population. yet since the war, 7 of its ‘prime ministers’….have been christians.

    who gives the orders?

  2. […] “Japan playing with fire” – Chinese warships deployed to disputed islands […]

  3. ‘they’ destroy J apan last year was worst than CH ernobyl and not dome to cover in Fukus so maybe Japn don’t care also to many suicides and death trail onJpnGov
    and the 2 had unsolved problems from ww2

  4. and the y asmahitaGold too belong some big quantity to J apan
    arch e nemy

  5. reminds me of the Order of the Golden Fleas (Fleece) 🙂

    ‘Current knights and ladies of the Spanish Order of the Golden Fleece include King Juan Carlos of Spain, who is also Sovereign of the Order since his accession to the throne in 1975, the Prince of Asturias, and the current monarchs of Sweden, Luxembourg, Japan, the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Thailand and Saudi Arabia, as well as the former monarchs of Greece and Bulgaria.

    Other members of the Spanish Order of the Golden Fleece include Javier Solana, former Secretary General of NATO, and Nicolas Sarkozy, French President and co-prince of Andorra.’


  6. Brunei was called the Abode of Peace, and the Senkaku were referred to by the British as the Pinnacle Islands or the peace islands….just have a lot in common to me…

    33 full members Legislative Council of Brunei

    map Brunei

    Senkaku Islands


    Brunei has the second highest Human Development Index among the South East Asia nations after Singapore, and is classified as a developed country.

    According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Brunei is ranked 5th in the world by gross domestic product per capita at purchasing power parity. The IMF also states in a 2011 estimate that Brunei was one of two countries (the other being Libya) with their public debt 0% of the national GDP.
    from wiki

    Current article re the islands

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