Libya attack brings challenges for U.S.

The violent deaths of four American diplomatic personnel in Libya during a heavily armed and possibly planned assault on a flimsily protected consulate facility on the Sept. 11 anniversary provoked an uproar in Washington on Wednesday, presenting new challenges in the volatile Middle East less than two months before the American presidential election.

The killings of the four Americans on Tuesday, including the ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, also raised basic questions about security and intelligence in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, where the assault took place, as well as other American diplomatic facilities elsewhere in the region, where deep-seated anti-American sentiment remains a potent force despite United States support for the Arab Spring uprisings that have transfixed the region for nearly two years.

President Obama denounced the attack, promised to avenge the killings and ordered tighter security at all American diplomatic installations. The administration also dispatched 50 Marines to Libya for greater diplomatic protection, ordered all nonemergency personnel to leave Libya and warned Americans not to travel there, suggesting further attacks were possible.

“These four Americans stood up for freedom and human dignity,” Mr. Obama said in a televised statement from the White House Rose Garden, where he stood with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. “Make no mistake: we will work with the Libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people.”

But the killings also led to heated exchanges between the Obama administration and the Republican presidential challenger, Mitt Romney, who criticized Mr. Obama’s handling of the killings in what Mr. Romney’s critics, including a few Republicans, called an unwarranted politicization of an American foreign policy tragedy.

There were unconfirmed reports that Ambassador Stevens, a highly regarded diplomat who was well liked by officials in the new Libyan government, had been pursued by Islamic militants to his death in a safe house, where he may have died of asphyxiation from smoke in a grenade explosion. He was the first American ambassador killed abroad in more than three decades.

Initial accounts of the assault in Benghazi were attributed to popular anger over what was described as an American-made video that lampooned the Prophet Muhammad, which had been publicized by Egyptian media and led to a mob protest at the United States Embassy protest in Cairo on Tuesday. But administration officials in Washington said the attack in Libya may have been plotted in advance.


i wonder if this attack was by the same guys who the west used to oust gaddafi?..was the attack pulled off with the use of American weapons?..the irony..who knows who did what to who..what we know is stevens is dead and he didnt die peacefully..apparently the libyan guards bolted at the first sight of a mob..stevens tried to get to a safehouse but was detected..


~ by seeker401 on September 13, 2012.

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  1. well, it’s quite nice that these filth are dead, and i certainly hope they suffered a lot, and that their families cry and cry and cry their useless, ugly lives away. thanks for posting the pics – best thing i’ve seen all week.

    but, obviously, this is a setup.

    the movie in question is a complete joke. the producer is not who he says he is, and those who worked with him call it “disinformation.”

    the protestors were supposedly inflamed by a clip on youtube which was insulting to the big mo. go to youtube and make a couple of simple searches. how about “fuck mohammed” and see how many videos come up.

    the point is, if you want to get upset about poor depictions of big mo, you can get upset all day, everyday – why *this* particular film made by *this* particular disinformation artist?

    i wonder whose toes this ambassador stepped on or whose wife he was sleeping with. they tried to take out general dempsey a couple of weeks ago, too – right after he said he wouldn’t support ther izzies in an attack against iran.

  2. pro usa libyans protest:

  3. Protestors attacked USA embassy in Egypt, Tunis, Yemen, Lebanon, guess is a new 9/11, only this time “they”‘re being kind for sacrificing only 4 people

    • the “game theory” is playing out exactly as expected.

      isnt it funny that morsi says nice(r) things about palestine, but then says bad things about assad in syria?

      isnt it odd that all the ‘arab spring’ countries are now protesting against their sponsor – the USA?

      isn’t it odd that this movie that no one heard of – a horribly acted, horribly written, and horribly produced farce of a movie – a movie in which the actors did not know the story and had their lines overdubbed – a movie made by a convicted financial criminal using a pseudonym – a movie that insults mohammed just like numerous other movies available on youtube – isn’t it odd that it is this movie at this time which is creating a fuss?

      no it isn’t odd. it’s israeli game theory.

    • For now..

  4. “When a 14-minute trailer of it — all that may actually exist — was posted on YouTube in June, it was barely noticed.

    But when the video, with its almost comically amateurish production values, was translated into Arabic and reposted twice on YouTube in the days before Sept. 11, and promoted by leaders of the Coptic diaspora in the United States, it drew nearly one million views and set off bloody demonstrations.

    The history of the film — who financed it; how it was made; and perhaps most important, how it was translated into Arabic and posted on YouTube to Muslim viewers — was shrouded Wednesday in tales of a secret Hollywood screening; a director who may or may not exist, and used a false name if he did.”

  5. they same play by play than with c arter don’t know a lot about the history of those events but the little i know seem for ‘they’ same play-book
    just to know what year was
    start 1979 ohhhh 33 years ago
    seem this can help romnelus as baddddddddd Dude lol

  6. i guess ‘they’ 2012 thing is indy m ovies kony and now this one i don’t see any of this m ovies
    btw they ‘ arrest ‘they “a non imous tday too

  7. […] Libya attack brings challenges for U.S. […]

  8. […] Libya attack brings challenges for U.S. ( […]

  9. libyas-destabilization-serves-western-political-agenda

  10. Isabel !! 🙂

    What a great find about Romulus (and Remus), kinda the same as

    The story of Esau and Jacob and their descendants. (The History of the Jews, or so the story goes.)

    Jacob (the name means “usurper”) twice tricked his elder brother out of his birthright with the help of his mother. Esau resolved to kill him, but they were eventually reconciled by a timely piece of divine intervention.

    Jacob seemed not to have learned from this experience that it was unwise to favour a particular child, and the privileges he bestowed upon his son Joseph caused his ten elder (half) brothers to attempt to murder him too.

    Once again, however, the youngest proved to be the more powerful and, as is well known, Joseph later became the co-ruler of Egypt while his brothers were brought close to death by famine before the family were reunited.

    The dominance of the younger brother continued into the third generation, when, as Jacob had prophesied on his deathbed, Joseph’s younger son Ephraim became a greater ruler than his elder one Manasseh.

    and so maybe this is the beginning of the final battle over the birthright of ‘Israel’ – the long awaited Ezekiel’s War – Gog and Magog?

    Romulus and Remus

    Legend says that ancient Alba Longa was founded by Ascanius, son of Aeneas, and that Romulus and Remus were born there, thus making it the mother city of Rome.

    Castel Gandolfo (kästĕl´ gändôl´fō), town, in Latium, central Italy, in the Alban Hills, overlooking Lake Albano. Possibly occupying the site of ancient Alba Longa, it is the papal summer residence.

    The papal palace (17th cent.), its magnificent gardens, the Vatican observatory (founded 1936), and the Villa Barbarini enjoy extraterritorial rights. The Church of St. Thomas of Villanova was designed (17th cent.) by Bernini.

  11. Intrigued thx 🙂
    was going for comic-Character inWolverine


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