Images 16/9/12


some evil signs from pretty people..the 16th of september

mayan templar crosses?..shiva at CERN..another happy celebrity with one eye..rihanna in the snakes appropriate..joe biden being a creep and the future under Google Governance


~ by seeker401 on September 16, 2012.

6 Responses to “Images 16/9/12”

  1. Hi everyone. My brother just got asked to be a mason, the man that asked him said he’d been watching him for a while and thought that he would be able to give a lot back to the group. Played up the whole “business favors” aspect. He said he’d have to do some research and then called me to give it to him, lazy bastard! Anyway, he has no real concept of a spiritual reality in this world. Any ideas or good links to help me simplify without sounding too crazy nutjob.

    • I will have a look tomorrow. If he has no belief in a “god” he won’t be accepted.

      • at the level your brother will be at everything will be like a boys club with some strange aprons and long as he believes in a higher god of any form he will get in..once hes inside then you can mention the similarities to egyptian ancient religions and templars and etc etc 🙂

  2. Clegs this was the 1 p olitical p arty in the S tates

  3. Thanks heaps. He does believe there is a God and would quite happily accept the GAOTU definition. We were brought up catholic so he finds most religion to be well… religion! He has had no experience with a spiritual reality.

  4. disturbing…

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