Cutting Edge: The Child Sex Trade

Liviu Tipurita returns to his homeland of Romania to investigate stories he has heard that there has been a sudden rise in the trafficking of children into the sex trade. He meets an old friend, fifteen-year-old street kid Laurentiu, who tells him he’s been selling sex to foreign pedophiles since he was twelve, and that a wealthy German has bought him a passport so that he can be trafficked to the West. Laurentiu introduces Liviu to his gang of street kids, some as young as eleven, being preyed on by the pedophiles.

Liviu follows up stories of kids trafficked to Italy, and on the streets of Milan films a fourteen year old boy being pimped by his own father. Over weeks of investigation, several more cases of families selling their own children for sex are documented.

Back in Romania, he hears about an English pedophile/trafficker called Tom. Co-producer/director Andrew Smith infiltrates Tom’s pimping network, and films damning evidence of how underage boys are preyed upon and trafficked to wealthy pedophile clients in the West.


the child sex trade is the most disgusting of all evils that can be foisted on children..follow the rich money to the ones with the least who are then abused..


~ by seeker401 on September 27, 2012.

3 Responses to “Cutting Edge: The Child Sex Trade”

  1. Even pedophiles DESERVE a second chance, we all make mistakes I know I have and Im thankful I was given a second chance.

    I run a support group called “Second Chance” its for pedophiles who have been prosecuted and served jail time. And I would be happy to help anyone set up a simmilar support group, feel free to contat me @ my facebook page

  2. […] Aha. That seems to settle the motivation. Although the language is quite ambiguous so there’s no way to be 100% sure he’s a convicted paedophile. But given the unlikelyhood that anyone but a paedophile would purposely seek their company and advocate their reintegration into society, the chances of him not being one are flimsy. He also seems to post this in the most inappropriate conjunctures, such as here. […]

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