Saudi border guards frustrate Iranian sabotage against the kingdom..huh?

Reportedly circulated websites, that border guards Arabia foiled dangerous work planned between the Iranian Revolutionary Guards with traitors and agents of Saudis, and was arrested today on 14 Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the boat Iranian Banzalhm on the shore of Khafji, was found with the Iranians on the devices serious and spy equipment, communication and weapons and materials will be disclosed, and the boats border guards Arabia chase boat Iranian who Banzalhm and arrested its leader, about 50 miles an Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The Director of the Arabian Canal analyst Jamal Khashjqa through their account site communication “Twitter” border guards Saudi frustrate Iranian sabotage against the kingdom involving Saudi nationals and that the process of Iran, which frustrated the praise of God Coast Guard serious and unprecedented and will have repercussions.


this story is just breaking now..not sure what to think of it..need more confirmation but its more escalation if true..or actors dressed like iranians !

fwiw..tomorrow is the last day on earth according to the movie “knowing”..october 19th 🙂


~ by seeker401 on October 19, 2012.

One Response to “Saudi border guards frustrate Iranian sabotage against the kingdom..huh?”

  1. all the world’s a stage…


    looking to short the SPX futures like, any second now. or maybe later.

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