US drones kill up to 80% civilians claim Pakistan

The absolute majority of the people killed by American UAVs in Pakistan are innocent civilians, claims Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik. If given the drone technology, Pakistan would do a better job, he argued earlier.

Malik revealed that according to Islamabad’s calculations, the number of drone attacks in recent years totaled 336, of 96 of which were launched from Afghanistan.

There are no exact statistics on the number of people killed in drone strikes in Pakistan. Estimates vary from about 2,500 to over 3,000 victims. As many as 174 of them were reportedly children.

The latest US study claimed that only 2 per cent of drone strike casualties in Pakistan are top militants.

The researchers at Stanford and New York University also claimed that the American drone strike policy in Pakistan has not helped Washington achieve its goal of curbing terrorism in the region. The civilian deaths that mark practically every drone strike on terror suspects in Pakistan’s tribal regions have achieved the opposite goal: locals hate the US because of the unceasing fear that death may come from above at any moment.

Most of the strikes have been made in North Waziristan province, a militant stronghold against which Islamabad is considering a fully-fledged military operation. Civilian deaths resulting from the strikes have regularly been met with a harsh public outcry in Pakistan.

Pakistani authorities have repeatedly demanded that Washington cease conducting drone strikes to no avail.


Drones Fly

Children Die

so who do you believe?

the USA who claims 2% or the Pakistanis who say 80%..lets go in between and say 50% are..thats murder..


~ by seeker401 on October 22, 2012.

5 Responses to “US drones kill up to 80% civilians claim Pakistan”

  1. It’s amazing that Americans can’t understand why everyone outside of the US hates us….it’s because of this shit ……that never gets reported.

  2. Totally agree with zippydmm.

    “Oh they hate us cause we’re free! They are stupid muslims!” I can’t even believe some of the arrogant crap that comes out of people’s mouths over hating the middle east countries. More than half of them don’t know we even do stuff like this. You’re educated to believe all that bullshit about how great this country is at a young age, it’s made people stupid and extremely arrogant.

  3. too bad that the american protesters are just the same old foundatio-funded FAKES from code pink.

    think about this for a second. you are opposed to US drone strikes against pakistan, so you go to pakistan to protest???

    it’s just susie (aka “medea benjamin”) continuing her scam/sham while the people of pakistan and elsewhere suffer.

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