Beirut funeral for Wissam al-Hassan followed by clashes

Clashes have erupted outside government offices in the Lebanese capital Beirut after thousands attended the funeral of security chief Wissam al-Hassan who was killed by a car bomb on Friday.

A group of protesters tried to storm the HQ, after a new call for Prime Minister Najib Mikati to resign. Police fired warning shots and tear gas.

Friday’s attack also killed one of Mr Hassan’s bodyguards and a woman nearby.

Opposition figures have blamed neighbouring Syria for the attack.

Many have protested against Syria and its Lebanese allies amid fears the Syrian conflict could spill over.

The confrontation outside the prime minister’s office lasted for a few minutes.

Two former prime ministers – Saad Hariri and Fouad Siniora – intervened to urge their supporters to remain calm.

Lebanon’s religious communities are divided between those who support the Syrian government – including many Shias – and those mostly from the Sunni community who back the rebels.

Lebanon’s Shia militant group Hezbollah – a close ally of the Syrian government – condemned the bombing.

Gunmen armed with rifles and rocket-propelled grenades exchanged fire in southern districts of Lebanon’s capital Beirut on Sunday night, security sources said, and residents could also hear the sound of ambulance sirens.

There were no immediate reports of casualties from the clashes, which occurred after angry mourners tried to storm government offices in the centre of Beirut at the end of the funeral of an intelligence official assassinated on Friday.


this shia v sunni thing is now lebanon bound and its the same game plan..sauds and the west are the are the ruling power..rinse and repeat..


~ by seeker401 on October 23, 2012.

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